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It has been more than a year since the ACCG Property & Liability Program (ACCG-IRMA) announced that it would provide expert legal counsel on employment matters to member counties at no additional cost. This benefit is designed to help county governments prevent personnel actions from becoming claims or litigation.

More than 60 members have taken advantage of this service to-date, and some multiple times. These requests for assistance - sometimes a second opinion - typically come from county attorneys, human resources directors, county managers and administrators and county clerks. Several constitutional officers, including sheriffs, have also reached out for support.

The legal firm providing this aid to ACCG-IRMA members is O’Quinn & Cronin, and they have been effective in navigating members through the complex issues around employment laws and matters, such as:

·The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as it relates to disabled employees and applicants.

·The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) for applicable unpaid, job-protected leave.

·The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), particularly regarding wages and overtime.

·Workers’ Compensation coverage, including Return to Work programs.

·The Affordable Care Act (ACA) regarding employer requirements.

·Hiring processes and performance evaluations.

·Harassment allegations.

·Employee discipline, including terminations.

·Anti-nepotism policies.

Approximately 500 hours of service have been provided over this past year to help counties avoid claims and litigation which can easily be prevented by making the right decisions on the front end. Make sure those in charge of personnel matters know about this helpful resource. For more information about the HR Legal Service, click here.

State Funds are Available for Scrap Tire Amnesty Events and to Remove Tires Dumped on City and County Right-of-Ways.

In an October press release The Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) announced the availability of funding from the state Solid Waste Trust Fund (SWTF) to remove and recycle scrap tires dumped along city and county right-of-ways and to pay for scrap tire amnesty events.

Local governments and solid waste authorities can apply for funding, in the form of a reimbursement, to cover the cost of transporting and processing these tires. With this announcement, EPD adds two new eligibility categories for state-funded cleanup under a program that began last summer.

Applications for all three types of cleanups will be accepted on a rolling basis and awarded first come, first served, contingent on funding availability and demand.


For more information on this funding opportunity, including how to apply, please visit.
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