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GCIP Spotlight: Breanna Jones Interns with Glynn County

Before beginning her internship, Breanna Jones notes she was not familiar with the role or function of county government. That all changed when Jones, a Business Management major at Savannah State University, interned with Glynn County Human Resources Department as a part of the 2015 Summer Georgia County Internship Program (GCIP). Throughout the course of the internship, she worked with human resources staff to create a Reference Guide for new county employees. In the process of doing so, Jones reported she gained an understanding of the multifaceted role of Georgia’s counties and the challenges county employees face statewide. 

Jones’s main responsibility during her time with Glynn County was creating a user-friendly reference guide for Glynn County’s employees. She stated that the purpose of this guide is to help educate employees about the county’s personnel policies and procedures. In addition, Jones created an informational brochure advertising the services and products offered through the human resources department. 

When asked what skills she believed developed the most during her internship, Jones replied that her ability to communicate and work with others improved substantially. Her communication skills were strengthened through her participation in staff meetings with coworkers and advisors. These meetings proved to be Jones’s favorite part of the internship experience as they fostered teamwork and illustrated the importance of communication in achieving organizational goals.  

Despite the significant impression staff meetings made on her, Jones claims the most rewarding aspect of her internship was becoming a dependable member of the human resources team. She took particular pride in knowing that her co-workers and advisors could confidently rely on her to accomplish any and all tasks assigned. Through this opportunity, Jones states she was able to develop the confidence necessary to be successful in the future. 

As for future careers, Jones stated her internship experience inspired her to pursue a career in human resources for a county government. She noted that her internship experience relayed the importance of the human resources department in the development of the county’s employees and the development of the county as a whole. As a result, Jones was thankful for the opportunity to explore career opportunities in a field for which she was previously unaware. Due to her stellar performance, Breanna was offered a position with the Glynn County Human Resources Department at the conclusion of her internship. 

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