Georgia County Internship Spotlight

Photo courtesy of Dawson County

University of North Georgia Student, Cullen Reed, Completes Internship with Dawson County

Prior to interning with Dawson County, Cullen Reed, a business information systems major at the University of North Georgia, explained he had a limited understanding of government operations. However, while with Dawson County, Reed learned the important role each department has in creating a functioning county government.

During the course of his internship with the Dawson County Public Works Department, Reed’s primary responsibilities consisted of organizing the 911 address book and updating GIS addresses. Reed also facilitated a culvert collection and analysis project. He noted that his most significant success was being able to complete all three projects for the county in its entirety.

Reed’s favorite part of the internship experience was getting to be in the field, identifying culverts under the roads. He states that he was able to see a unique side of the workforce and his community. To future interns, Reed would tell his peers to apply for a department that will allow students to gain hands-on experience in an industry of their interest.

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