2019 LGRMS Law Enforcement Training Event


LGRMS presents Dangerous Crossroads Ahead: The Intersection of the First and Fourth Amendment Training. Led by attorney Scott MacLatchie, this course examines the crossroads where two constitutional principles intersect and provides practical tips for dealing with people who may be legitimately exercising constitutional rights, and others who are actively trying to bait officers into overreaction. This event is ideal for command staff, supervisors, and first line law enforcement officers.

This half day program will be well worth while for those who want to learn what these groups are doing, how they are doing it, and the training your agency needs to do to protect itself from these aggressive groups. Encourage your public safety officials to attend an event near them to learn more about the dangerous crossroads ahead. Click here for more details.

*Please note: All questions should be directed to LGRMS. Visit www.lgrms.com or call 1-800-650-3120 for assistance.