Georgia County Internship Spotlight

Photo is courtesy of Clayton County.

Georgia Tech student, Averie Lico, completes internship with Clayton County

Prior to interning with the new Clayton County Office of Planning, Zoning & Sustainability, Averie Lico, a public policy student at Georgia Tech, was not familiar with county government operations. Through her internship, Lico learned about the how county government is capable of impacting citizens more directly due to its localized nature.

Lico was tasked with researching measures that Clayton County met and did not meet with respect to Green Communities certification. The Atlanta Regional Commission started this program to help local government entities permanently reduce their environmental impact. Each local government implements effective strategies in order to become more sustainable through identifying specific and measurable goals. As a result, these communities set an example by conserving resources, reducing waste, and setting achievable standards regarding environmental quality. The goal of the internship was to help Clayton County become the first southern metro county to receive a Green Communities certification.

Aside from research, Lico also interviewed departments to find additional documentation for this initiative and attended staff meetings. She believed the most successful task she accomplished during her time with Clayton County was gathering data to support the county’s Green Initiative measures and meeting with various department heads, such as the water authority.

Lico’s favorite part of the internship experience was meeting with department heads to discuss sustainability. She learned how to communicate more effectively and be comfortable in a real world setting, which are both necessary for a successful career.

To future interns, Lico advises them to give it a try since it is a fun, engaging way to learn about government. When asked if there was a career in county government for Lico in the future, she answered yes depending on the aspect of county government. She would like to work with sustainability or health policy.

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