Safety Discount Program Saves Counties Money

Counties belonging to the ACCG Workers’ Compensation Fund and/or the ACCG Property & Liability Fund can earn significant discounts on their premiums if they participate in the Safety Discount Program. They can save 7.5 percent and 5 percent (to a maximum of $10,000) respectively if they meet all of the requirements of the program.

The Safety Discount Program workbook, which is the same for both funds, outlines these requirements. The 2018 workbook and the associated forms are now available online and will be delivered to member counties in the near future. Note that the first page highlights the updates from last year. One improvement is a newly drafted Return to Work Policy that can be used to help employees injured on OR off the job with transitional employment in accordance with state workers’ compensation and federal employment laws.

Click one of the links below to access the new 2018 Safety Discount Program information (to be implemented in 2017 for 2018 premiums):

ACCG Workers' Compensation Safety Discount Program

ACCG Property & Liability Safety Discount Program

While saving money is important, the biggest advantage of a strong safety program is the health and welfare of the county employees, volunteers, citizens and others that interact with county government. Contact the ACCG risk control services (LGRMS) if assistance is needed in meeting the Safety Discount requirements since their services are included for Fund members: 678-686-6279 or 800-650-3120.