GCIP Intern Spotlight: Jordan Jackson

Cobb County Senior Services Intern Jordan Jackson.

Jordan Jackson interned with Cobb County Senior Services during the summer. His major internship project was planning the Cobb Senior Games event, which had not been held for four years. The Senior Games is a health and wellness initiative that encourages fitness and health in a fun and friendly manner for seniors 55 and older. Jackson helped draft the program, the registration materials and designed promotional materials such as flyers. He was responsible for the logistics and analysis of the event. He also assisted with the county’s Meals on Wheels program.

One of the most important lessons that Jackson learned about county government during his internship was the intricacies of budgeting and planning for major events and how to handle mishaps that result from miscommunication. This knowledge allowed him to be more proactive with his project planning. He also found value in the office skills that he acquired that allowed him to make meaningful contributions during staff discussions and meetings and taught him to be more aware and attentive. Jackson is glad to have established a sense of professionalism early in his collegiate career. 

When asked about his most significant successes during the internship, Jackson responded that the compilation of the 8-page registration packet was his biggest accomplishment. This packet was sent to three Cobb government centers for use. He also noted his hand in publicizing the event to other county departments and businesses and the overall number of seniors who signed up for the event as part of his achievements.  

Aside from working on the Cobb Senior Games event, Jackson’s favorite part of the internship was getting to know people and learning about other county departments. Before his time at Cobb Senior Services, he did not know the center existed. Jackson really appreciated the sense of community the center provides for everyone, as he feels senior populations are often overlooked. He now has a newfound respect for seniors and those who work on their behalf. 

Based on his internship experience, Jackson is interested in pursuing a career in government as a social worker or a county attorney. He believes in giving back to the community and finds gratitude through working with government. Jackson strongly encourages his peers to get involved with local government because that is where reality exists.