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Jordanne Brisby Interns with Cobb County
Over the summer of 2022, University of Georgia (UGA) student Jordanne Brisby interned with Cobb County. An atmospheric sciences and geology major, Brisby worked in the sustainability, waste, and beautification department. As an intern, Brisby worked on a summer-long litter survey and managed programming for the Keep Cobb Beautiful program.
Before her internship, Brisby said she was only partially familiar with county government operations and did not have any direct experience with local government. Throughout the internship, she learned about many county government responsibilities – "there's a lot more that goes into it than I thought," Brisby noted.
Brisby’s major summer project was the 2022 Litter Index Survey, an annual comprehensive rating of litter in various areas across the county. The survey is focused on litter in order to gauge the quality of life and needs within counties. Brisby assisted in developing data collection routes by aligning with survey methodologies and attempting to capture a range of areas including residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural sites. She also collected and stored field data using ArcGIS.
From the data collected, Brisby worked with county staff to analyze findings and compare them across past surveys. She also partnered with Cherokee County and Paulding County to compare litter index scores across neighboring districts and note any discrepancies. Brisby then identified potential solutions to address litter in the county. After the internship, she said that her most significant success was the completion of the litter survey index.
In addition to the litter survey, Brisby also worked to support Keep Cobb Beautiful programming. Keep Cobb Beautiful is a county program focused on litter prevention, community greening/beautification, and waste reduction and recycling. Over the summer, Brisby programmed activities in each focus area. Her programs included environmental education activities such as craft competitions and recycling programs, including household hazardous waste recycling and medication disposal.
In reflecting on her experience with the county, Brisby noted that her favorite parts of the internship were the work experience and the friendships she made with fellow county interns. She said that she also gained administrative and technical skills that will be helpful when she pursues a full-time job. Following graduation from UGA in 2024, Brisby plans to pursue a career in climatology.

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