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Georgia Transportation Infrastructure Bank Grant and Loan Program
The Georgia Transportation Infrastructure Bank (GTIB) is a competitive grant and low-interest loan program available to eligible government units in Georgia.  The GTIB program is administered by the Georgia State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA).  Since 2010, GTIB has awarded $165 million in grants and loans to eligible transportation projects throughout the state.  SRTA is pleased to announce funding will be available in 2021; applications will be accepted from October 1, 2021 through December 15, 2021.  Please submit all applications electronically to  Awards are expected to be announced in April or May 2022.
All projects submitted must be motor fuel tax eligible (examples include improvements to public roads and bridges and associated bike, pedestrian and traffic control infrastructure).  Reimbursable expenses include preliminary engineering, right of way acquisition, and construction costs.  Additional details for interested applicants can be found below.
What’s New for 2021:
  • SRTA will accept grant applications and loan applications (combined loan/grant applications will also be accepted)
  • Preferred Applications:  
    • Projects providing clear economic development benefits
    • Projects that will be completed in the near-term as a result of GTIB investment
    • Projects with significant matching funds
  • Loans may be repaid with LMIG funds (required local matching funds must be provided)
GTIB Invests in Projects That: 
Address critical local and state transportation needs including economic development and mobility.
  • Address critical local and state transportation needs including economic development and mobility.
  • Demonstrate a high degree of local commitment (e.g., matching funds).
  • Include innovative transportation solutions.
  • Are close to the start of, at, or under construction.
  • Demonstrate a high degree of feasibility.
Projects do not have to meet all of the above criteria to be considered for award but those that do will be the most competitive.
Costs to Apply:
The cost to apply for a grant or loan is $250 per application.  Applicants may submit more than one application. 
Eligible Applicant: A government unit including a municipal corporation, county, community improvement district, including combinations of two or more of these entities, acting jointly to construct, own, or operate a qualified project, or any other state authority, board, commission, agency, or department which may construct, own, or operate a qualified project.
Eligible Costs: Costs related to preliminary engineering, traffic and revenue studies, environmental studies, right of way acquisition, legal and financial services associated with the development of the qualified project, construction, construction management, facilities, and other costs necessary for the qualified project.
Eligible Projects: Are restricted to those roadway projects that satisfy the requirements of being “motor-fuel tax eligible”; as set forth in O.C.G.A. §32-1-1et seq. 

If you have further questions please contact or go to our website at for applications and more details on the GTIB program.

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