Georgia County Internship Spotlight

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Clayton Gould Interns with Barrow County
Clayton Gould, a computer science major at the University of North Georgia, interned with the Barrow County Tax Assessors Office. Gould was tasked with creating a “user friendly,” modern, updated website that fit their security and usability needs.
While Gould was not familiar with county government prior to his internship, he learned much about property taxes and property tax law during his time with the tax assessors’ office. The experience further gave him insight into the valuation of homes and land and the proper process for challenging property taxes, which he thinks will be helpful in the future when he becomes a homeowner.
When asked about his most significant accomplishments, Gould noted the work he performed in completing a dashboard to edit content via SQL, HTTPS encryption, and the automated email system he helped develop.
Gould’s favorite part of his internship was the warm, friendly work environment, and the comradery of his coworkers. He also enjoyed learning about and using SQLite and Django with his new system.
Gould encourages future interns to be dynamic in their approach in addressing situations and not simply rely on the methods they learned in a classroom setting.
When asked if he would consider a future career in local government, Gould noted that he would like to work in state or local government.
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