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Ryla Traylor Completes Internship with Lamar County
Ryla Traylor, a dually enrolled honors student at Lamar County High School and Gordon State College, interned with the Lamar County Recreation Department over the summer. While Traylor was somewhat familiar with county government before her internship, she was unaware of the sheer volume of behind-the-scenes work that goes into county operations.
Over the course of her internship, Traylor was tasked with updating the department’s Policies and Procedures Manual. This assignment required her to add new, important information for coaches, parents, and players, including new CDC regulations regarding COVID-19 and youth sports. Additionally, Traylor reviewed department policies and compared them to those of surrounding counties to recommend improvements.
Traylor’s most significant internship success was the update of the manual. Not only did it take a substantial amount of time to research and update, but it also served as her favorite part of the internship. Traylor credits youth sports as a significant factor in her personal development and felt this new manual will make the experience of youth sports better for future children. 
In terms of skills, Traylor noted that the internship greatly improved her research skills and taught her how to compile different ideas into one. She hopes to carry these skills forward in her career as a sports orthopedic surgeon as there will undoubtedly be several instances where she needs to take different opinions or treatment options and decide which is best.
When asked what advice she would give her peers who are considering a county internship, Traylor said while she would definitely recommend the internship to her peers that she would tell them to be ready for the large amount of paperwork and research needed. She would further advise that in the end the hard work is worth it because it will help develop the community for future generations.
Traylor plans to graduate with an associate degree in biological sciences in May. Upon graduation, she plans on pursing her goal of becoming a sports orthopedic surgeon. While a career in county government is not in her future, she was able to gain an appreciation for the work being performed by county staff in operate the recreation department.
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