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Self-Service Kiosk
The Georgia Motor Vehicle Division of the Department of Revenue began offering Vehicle Renewal Services through the self-service Georgia Tag Kiosk in 2015. This solution meets all requirements for issuing vehicle registration renewals through kiosk services. Cobb County took the lead in piloting this program and has since seen steady growth in usage.
The kiosk program is currently located in 45 Kroger grocery stores in local neighborhoods that allows Georgians to have access to tag renewals beyond the regular office hours of local tag offices, ultimately providing more convenience for Georgia residents to renew tags on nights and weekends.
There are now 49 counties participating in this program with 60 kiosks located in 18 counties. The kiosks have been extremely well-received by customers, establishing new records each month in the number of tags being renewed. During the COVID-19 pandemic, these kiosks allowed participating counties to continue offering services even as their offices were shut down. Instead of facing backlogs, those counties promoting the use of kiosks were able to come back into the office with a more manageable number of people needing transactions. Kiosks are fast, easy to use, and allow customers to scan, pay, and print their tags in about two minutes. This program has been a great success and benefit to the citizens of Georgia.
For more information about the Kiosk program and options for your county, please contact:
GA MVD Kiosk program information:
ITI Kiosk program participation:  Jeff Hielsberg – 1.404.931.3005 or
See the below map for the list of counties participating in the kiosk program.
Web Renewal
Georgians can also renew their vehicle registration online using the DRIVES e-Services. To do so, their county must be registered for the online renewal program. This online option also provides a safe and easy option for tag renewal, especially during the time of COVID-19. Renewal notices will have information about online registration if the county participates. There are currently 129 counties taking advantage of the web renewal program. For more information on how to sign up for the web renewal program, counties can reach out to Director Marcel Russell at
Please see below the below map to find out if your county is a current participant.
Kiosk Program FAQs
Q.) How would our county receive the fees that the customer pays at the kiosk?
A.) ITI’s payment processor will deposit the fees into an account outlined on the initial ACH Authorization form. The person or people chosen by the county would receive the necessary reports of transactions / payments each morning for the following business day.
Q.) Are there any additional fees for the taxpayer to use the kiosk?
A.) The resident would pay a $3.00 fee inside an office or $3.95 inside Kroger’s for the renewal along with a small credit card fee (2.25%).
Q.) Is there a minimum number of transactions that need to come from our county each month?
A.) There are no minimums attached to counties that are just participating in the Kiosk program as a “Participating County”.
Q.) Is there a minimum number of transactions that need to come from our county each month?
A.) There are no minimums attached to counties that are just participating in the Kiosk program as a “Participating County”.
Q.) Is there a minimum transaction amount for those counties with a physical Kiosk (or kiosks) located within their county?
A.) There is a monthly minimum transaction amount for counties with a physical kiosk located within their county.
Q.) Is there a limit to the number of kiosks a county can have?
A.) While there is no official limit, ITI does take into account the amount of people in the county and the foot traffic of the proposed locations. If a county agrees to the minimum transaction amount however, there is usually no issue with the placement of said kiosk.
Q.) What if a customer has an issue using a kiosk? Who do they contact?
A.) ITI provides a 24-hour, round-the-clock Customer Care Help Desk for not just the taxpayers but the Tag Office staff as well. Each kiosk has the Customer Care Help Desk phone number listed on it to provide support, troubleshooting, and guidance for those attempting to utilize the kiosk.
Q.) How long is the process to participate or obtain a kiosk in a county?
A.) Turnaround time currently for a participation agreement / ACH runs about 3 months. To host a kiosk in your county, the time is about 4 months from agreement to installation.

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