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Georgia County Internship Spotlight

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Photo courtesy of Athens- Clarke County

University of Georgia Student, Michael Prevatte, Completes Internship with Athens-Clarke County

Michael Prevatte, an entertainment and media studies major at the University of Georgia’s Grady School of Journalism and Mass Communication, served as Athens-Clarke County’s Photo/Video Intern in the Public Information Office.

Here, he was tasked with creating and curating content for ACTV, a government access channel airing 24/7 designed to help the community stay engaged and updated on Mayor and Commissioner meetings. During his internship, Prevatte enhanced film that highlighted the government’s goals, activities, and services. In addition, he edited videos, wrote scripts, and organized photos for media sources.

During his internship, Prevatte was able to produce videos for his portfolio, but also gained real-world experience in the multi-media arena. One of the most rewarding aspects of the internship for Prevatte was developing media with the intent of getting feedback on his work. He was also able to gain familiarity with many camera brands and varieties and confirm interest in his future career path.

In terms of his favorite part of the internship, Prevatte enjoyed working with community partners to create informative and visually-pleasing content. He noted that the skills he obtained and the in-field practice he was able to receive were invaluable assets to his educational growth as a future professional.

Prevatte’s best advice for those considering a county internship is to ensure you are willing to soak up as much information as possible, but also be prepared to find a balance and appropriate mix between the demands of school and your internship.

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