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It’s Time to Create Local Complete Count Committees for the 2020 Census

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The 2020 Census will be here before you know it. The best way to make sure that you have the most accurate count is to create a local complete count committee (LCCC) to ensure that all residents in your county are motivated and educated about the importance of participating in the census. These committees should include representatives from county and city governments, faith-based groups, nonprofits, schools, local businesses, the media, community groups, cultural and ethnic organizations, and any other organization that can help spread awareness.

During the 2010 Census, 77 counties created a LCCC with an additional 22 counties partnering with cities to create a joint LCCC. Counties that created a LCCC had more community involvement in the census and better outreach efforts than counties that did not create committees. To avoid undercounts and to maximize the census count for your county, it is highly recommended that your county create a LCCC.

Local Complete Count Committees Resources

There are many resources available to help your county get started. The U.S. Census Bureau has detailed information on its website, including a 2020 Census Complete Count Committee Guide.The Atlanta Regional Office of the Census Bureau can assist by hosting a workshop or meeting with your county to help create a local committee.  These Census Bureau representatives are willing to travel anywhere in the state to assist with educational efforts on how to create a LCCC. To set up an information session or meeting, contact Vicki Mack at or Thurmond Tillman at

Once your county has created a LCCC, make sure your committee is signed up through the State Complete Count Committee website at  The state is serving as a clearinghouse to track all local complete count committees that have been organized. This will allow for easier distribution of 2020 Census materials and information that will be critical to the census effort.

ACCG and GMA partnered in February and March of this year to provide a series of workshops on how to create a LCCC. If your county was unable to attend one of these workshops, an alternative is available. The March 6, 2019 Workshop held in Macon is being recorded and will be made available for viewing on ACCG and GMA’s websites along with any workshop materials that have been distributed.  ACCG and GMA have both created web pages with 2020 Census resources and tools, including information on hard-to-count communities that can be used by counties and cities.

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