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ACCG Workers’ Compensation Fund Now Offers Safety Grants

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The Employee Safety Grant Program was recently created by the ACCG Workers’ Compensation Board of Trustees to provide financial assistance to Fund members for the purpose of reducing employees’ injuries through additional training, equipment or services. The Board allotted $1,500,000 in grant funds to be distributed over the next three years, so there will be $500,000 available to eligible Fund members in 2019. Eligible members are those that have had continuous membership in the Fund since 2014, have earned the 2019 Safety Discount and are current on their premiums.

More information about the new program will be emailed to the members in March, including the application and details on upcoming webinars to review the program.  Applications will be accepted between May 1, 2019 and August 30, 2019 with all purchases to be made by December 1, 2019. Examples of eligible requests include: fees for safety-related courses, personal protective equipment, body armor, fire department turnout gear or washers/dryers for gear, ergo equipment, and first aid equipment such as AEDs.

The opportunity to receive these grant funds is just one of many reasons to be a member of the ACCG Workers’ Compensation Fund. Should you have questions about the grant program, please contact Ashley Abercrombie at 404-589-7828. If you have an interest in joining the Fund, please contact Joe Dan Thompson at 404-589-7862.

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