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ACCG Property & Liability Dividend of $3 Million Moderates 5% Premium Increase

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ACCG – Interlocal Risk Management Agency (ACCG-IRMA) is a non-profit, self-insured property and liability fund that has been available to Georgia counties and authorities since 1987. The Fund covers county buildings and vehicles throughout the state and responds to claims against member counties for personnel decisions, law enforcement operations, and claims for injuries caused by the county or which occur on county property.

Those counties that participate in the Fund will be receiving their renewal quotes in early June. ACCG-IRMA continues to be financially strong and offer services that are typically not available in the commercial market, such as a Human Resources Help Line and Crisis Management Services. However, due to increasing claim costs, the average member will see an increase of 5% for the 2017-18 policy year that begins on July 1.  Each member is rated individually, so a county with fewer than average losses will receive a smaller increase or, in some cases, a premium decrease.  Those counties with a large number of claims could see increases in excess of 5%. 

According to ACCG Director of Property & Casualty Insurance David Uhlman, "Premiums are based on a number of determining factors and may also increase or decrease with the exposures of the county.  The purchase of a building or the elimination of some automobiles within the county would affect premium.  Outsourcing a particular department could reduce liability exposures and lower liability premiums."

The ACCG Property & Liability Fund is a non-profit, member-owned pool so premium collected in previous years that is not needed to pay claims is returned to the membership in the form of a premium credit.  The ACCG-IRMA Board of Trustees voted to increase last year’s dividend of $2.75 million to $3 million for 2017-18.  Any county or authority that has participated in the Fund since June 30, 2008 will receive a portion of that dividend.  The dividend decreases the average member’s premium by 10.6%.

If you would like more information of the ACCG Property and Liability program, please contact Joe Dan Thompson at (404) 589-7862, or any member of the ACCG Insurance team. Additional information can be seen at

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