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GCIP Intern Spotlight: Allie MacFall

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Fayette County Finance Intern Allie MacFall (left) and her supervisor,
Fayette County Financial Analyst Lee Ann Bartlett (right).

University of Georgia Student, Allie MacFall, Interns with the Fayette County Finance Department

Allie MacFall, an accounting major at the University of Georgia, interned with the Fayette County Finance Department as part of the 2014 Summer Georgia County Internship Program (GCIP). The major focus of her internship was the review and update of the county’s assets list. MacFall was tasked with reviewing the assets of each county department, then reconciling and researching any missing or additional assets. This project allowed MacFall to understand how county departments are interconnected and work together to perform their duties. 

MacFall had three distinct successes in her time with Fayette County. Her first success was the ability to use the skills she had learned through an Excel class and apply that knowledge toward the work she performed for her internship, thus allowing her to work faster and more efficient, while making fewer mistakes. Her second success came from taking inventory for the library. While this task was the most time-consuming and challenging of all the departments, she performed the task so efficiently that the librarian sent a note of gratitude to her supervisor. Her third success was of a personal nature and came from the praise that she received from her supervisors for the work that she performed. MacFall felt that meeting and exceeding the expectations of her supervisors for her work was her most important triumph throughout the internship. 

MacFall’s favorite part of the internship was the ability to work with women in finance. She felt that this was inspirational as she hopes to work in finance in the future. Her internship experience has allowed her to strengthen her people skills and gain experience working with an asset management system, MUNIS. After her internship experience she is now considering a career in county government. 

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