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2011 Job Tax Credit Ranking Details

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Georgia Job Tax Credit Program

Each year the Department of Community Affairs (DCA) ranks all 159 counties in Georgia based on certain economic factors and divides them into tiers as required by the Georgia Job Tax Credit Law.

The Georgia Job Tax Credit Program provides for a statewide job tax credit for any business or headquarters of any such business engaged in manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, processing, telecommunications, tourism, or research and development industries, but does not include retail businesses. If other requirements are met, job tax credits are available to businesses of any nature, including retail businesses, in counties recognized and designated as the 40 least developed counties.

Counties and certain census tracts in the state are ranked and placed in economic tiers using the following factors:

1. highest unemployment rate;
2. lowest per capita income; and
3. highest percentage of residents whose incomes are below the poverty level.

The 2011 Job Tax Credit Memo with the County Rankings and Less Developed Census Tract Listing are now available and may be accessed here (link)
A map of the 2011 County Tier map may be accessed directly here (link)
Additional information on the Job Tax Credit Program, including regulations and forms, may be found on DCA’s Job Tax Credit webpage (link)
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