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AAPA’s annual Communications Awards Program – sponsored by the AAPA Public Relations Committee – recognizes excellence in the products, programs and services that public port authorities design and produce to meet their public relations and marketing goals. In the 2014 competition, 34 submissions from 11 ports earned a communications Award of Excellence, while 36 submissions from 14 ports scored an Award of Distinction, and 36 submissions from 15 ports received an Award of Merit. Entries from 21 seaports will be recognized at AAPA’s 103rd Annual Convention and Expo in Houston, Tex., which runs Nov. 9-13. Following are summaries of each of the 34 Award of Excellence-winning entries in the 2014 communications competition, followed by a listing of the ports that won Distinction and Merit awards.

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Port of Long Beach (Calif.) – 'WORKS' Trade Ad Series

The "WORKS" Trade Ad Series battles the competition by drawing attention to what WORKS for Port of Long Beach customers and builds their business at the nation's second-busiest seaport: BIG WORKS. FLEXIBLE WORKS. GREEN WORKS.

Port of New Orleans (La.) – The Big, Easy Way Ad Campaign

The port’s Big, Easy Way print ads are designed to highlight the port’s mission by incorporating its dedication to getting the job done no matter the time of day (Night Life ad) and its customer-driven strategic logistical services (Jazz ad).

Port of Stockton (Calif.) – ‘Port Proud, Stockton Proud’

The Port of Stockton created a multi-media campaign of a series of advertisements to provide factual information about itself, to demonstrate its personality through its employees and their community involvement, and show the target market that – through this community involvement – they could be proud of the Port of Stockton, therefore, "Port Proud, Stockton Proud."

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Port of Long Beach (Calif.) – ‘New Bridge. New Jobs.’ (Part of POLB’s 2013-14 Community Campaign)

The "New Bridge. New Jobs." creative was the outdoor billboard and poster component of a community campaign reminding port neighbors of the new bridge that will soon rise on the horizon, and the thousands of new construction jobs the project brings to the city.

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Georgia Ports Authority (Savannah) – GPA FY2013 Annual Report: Strength in Numbers
In the FY2013 edition of its annual fiscal performance report, GPA incorporated design elements of its newly revamped quarterly magazine AnchorAge, with much greater white space for an airy, light feel; cool blue accent tones and an easy-to-read sans serif font. 

Port of Stockton (Calif.) – ‘80 Years of Connecting Our Community to the World’

The Port of Stockton's 2013 Annual Report, published in early 2014 using the theme "80 Years of Connecting Our Community to the World," was written in simple, digestible language to provide valuable information in a short and concise manner – utilizing an easy-to-read format. 

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Port of Long Beach (Calif.) – 'Thanks 4 All the Stuff' – Original Song

"Thanks 4 All the Stuff" is a music video produced by the Port of Long Beach and Quack! Media with original lyrics set to original music to provide a modern take on a standard port presentation.

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Port of New Orleans (La.) – The Official Directory of the Port of New Orleans 2014

The Port of New Orleans’ annual Port Directory is a source of vital information about port assets and capabilities as well as an annual comprehensive list of companies and organizations for which the port does business, used as a marketing tool by port marketing staff and its board of commissioners for port customers.

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Port of Long Beach (Calif.) – Employee Service Awards

Twice each year, the Port of Long Beach honors employees at Service Awards celebrations, where each honored employee is photographed at his or her workplace to be included in a PowerPoint presentation at the event, and each person receives a commemorative printed program, a Service Awards certificate and a variety of gifts, based on years of service.

Port of Long Beach (Calif.) – Maintenance Facility Mural

To commemorate the 1960s Maintenance Facility and the work that was accomplished there, and to add interior wall decor to the new, state-of-the-art Maintenance Complex, Port of Long Beach staff designed a two-story wall mural measuring 20 feet tall and 24 feet wide that melds 35 new and archived photographic images into a photo collage.

Port of Long Beach (Calif.) - Summer Youth Employment Program

Each year the Port of Long Beach Communications team presents a Summer Youth Employment Program that provides paid internships for 20 Long Beach high school students, teaming them with mentors from throughout the port.


Port of Los Angeles (Calif.) – TransPORTer (mobile education exhibit) Program

Bringing educational outreach to a whole new level is the Port of Los Angeles’ 53-foot mobile educational exhibit, the TransPORTer, provides hands-on interactive experiences that broaden views of the Port of Los Angeles and its connection to the Southern California region and the nation, while teaching about its economic impact, jobs, and environmental, security and community initiatives. 

Port of Los Angeles (Calif.) – School Boat Tour Program

Understanding that education is the key to a brighter future, the Port of Los Angeles offers free educational boat tours to students – fourth grade through university programs - throughout the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and other area school districts, charter schools, private schools, home schools, and colleges and universities.

Port of New Orleans (La.) – New Port Logo

The Port of New Orleans set out to create a strong, contemporary icon that would distinguish it, and the city of New Orleans, nationally and internationally, as modern and prepared for the future and port management.

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Georgia Ports Authority (Savannah) – In Their Own Words

In this marketing campaign, the Georgia Ports Authority (GPA) sought to highlight for current and future clients a series of successful customer experiences throughout the logistics process, crystallizing around the key message that the Port of Savannah offers greater flexibility and opportunity.

Port Saint John (NB) – Cruise 25 Campaign

The Cruise 25 campaign’s primary goal was to raise awareness about how far Port Saint John’s cruise business has come and to celebrate its accomplishments. 

Port of San Francisco (Calif.) – 150th Anniversary Campaign

To celebrate a 150th Anniversary, the Port of San Francisco hosted festivities that included a grand gala, an introduction by the Mayor at the Giants ballgame, boat tours, parties sponsored by port tenants, and multiple acknowledgments from the City's top dignitaries.

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Port Canaveral (Fla.) – ‘Port Canaveral Magazine’ (Print and Electronic)

The Port Canaveral Magazine is an electronic and printed publication distributed on a regular basis by the Canaveral Port Authority (CPA) that contains feature and news stories focused on CPA business and plans, staff activities, tenant activities and community events. 

Ports of Indiana (Indianapolis) – ‘Portside’ Magazine

Portside magazine provides an overview of activities at all three Ports of Indiana ports that grew out of a need for a flexible and feature-oriented publication that introduces readers to the ports and gives them a chance to see port activities through a full-color, glossy publication. 

Port of Long Beach (Calif.) – 'Dock Talk' Employee Newsletter (Electronic)

"Dock Talk" is the employee newsletter produced by the Port of Long Beach and distributed electronically to its 450 employees via Intranet. Its focus is completely on the employees and tells the port's story through their eyes.

Port of Los Angeles (Calif.) – ‘LA Waterfront Magazine’

The Port of Los Angeles’ LA Waterfront Magazine is a beautiful, informative and easy-to-read community newsletter/magazine that informs residents and stakeholders about basic port operations.

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Port of Everett (Wash.) – Marketing Materials

Clearly branded, succinct documents with the flexibility to pick and choose appropriate pieces, adding or removing information as needed, resulted in new, tab-formatted documents that are meeting the Port Everett's need for updated and newly-branded marketing materials that reflected its growing seaport, marina and real estate assets.

Port of Los Angeles (Calif.) – Mariner's Guide 2014

The Port of Los Angeles’ Mariners Guide provides vital information for persons who pilot or operate ships and small boats in and around the port, including annual tide tables, construction information which impacts water conditions and safety, U.S. Coast Guard requirements, and a directory of maritime support services with current contact information. 

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Port of Long Beach (Calif.) – 'LB Bridge' Mobile App

To successfully manage a four-year construction project, with long-term road closures and congestion, the Port of Long Beach created a LB Bridge mobile app to deliver real-time information directly to stakeholder subscribers through their smartphones and tablets.

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Port of Long Beach (Calif.) – 2014 State of the Port

The Port of Long Beach's annual State of the Port event is closely watched by both industry and civic leaders, and it highlights recent accomplishments and milestones and sets the tone for the port for the coming year.

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Port Everglades (Fla.) – Cruise Industry Video

Port Everglades made a splash this year at Cruise Shipping Miami, the cruise industry’s largest trade show, with a new trade show booth that incorporated video, eye-catching graphics and social media.

Georgia Ports Authority (Savannah) – ‘In Their Own Words’

In this marketing video, the Georgia Ports Authority (GPA) showcased a series of successful customer experiences throughout the logistics process.

Port of Long Beach (Calif.) – 'Thanks 4 All the Stuff' Music Video

"Thanks 4 All the Stuff" is a music video produced by the Port of Long Beach and Quack! Media targeted at the younger, Millennial Generation.

Port of Los Angeles (Calif.) – LAtitude Video eNewsmagazine

The result of creative brainstorming between the Port of Los Angeles’ communications and its business and trade development teams, LAtitude was designed as a communication tool which would allow the port to connect with its current and prospective business clients in a unique and engaging format.

Port of Los Angeles (Calif.) – ‘All Hands on Deck’

In an effort to bridge a communication gap between senior executives and all other port employees and strengthen communication relations on all levels, the Port of Los Angeles launched All Hands On Deck, a series of three to five minute video interviews of port employees by senior executives.

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Port Everglades (Fla.) – Port Everglades Makes Splash With New Trade Show Booth

Port Everglades took its "splash" branding campaign from print adverting to the big screen with a new 3-minute marketing video that features animated water droplets and cresting waves to introduce the advantages of cruising from the South Florida cruise port.

Port of Long Beach (Calif.) – Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement Oil Field Clearing Path Info Graphic

The Port Communications Department design team created the Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement Oil Field Clearing Path Info Graphic to illustrate what was discovered – a mishmash of old and active wells, tangled with 10 miles of utility lines, many of them unmapped.

Port of San Francisco (Calif.) – 150th Anniversary Campaign

To build a port identity, two visual programs were developed: a waterfront interpretive tour describing 150 years of the port's contribution to San Francisco; and a series of images showing how you can use the waterfront today.

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Port of Long Beach (Calif.) – Gerald Desmond Bridge Website (www.newgdbridge.com)

The Port of Long Beach Communications and Community Relations team created a dedicated website at www.newgdbridge.com to track the multi-year construction of a new $1.2 billion bridge that will replace the aging Gerald Desmond Bridge.

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In addition to the Excellence award winners described above, many ports are also being recognized this year for winning one or more communications Award of Distinction and/or Award of Merit honors in AAPA’s 2014 competition.

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