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Professor Austin Becker, Assistant Professor of Coastal Planning, Policy and Design, University of Rhode Island, Department of Marine Affairs, researches and lectures on ports, port stakeholders and coastal hazards.

Joe T. Bryant is past senior director of operations and engineering and vice president terminal development for the South Carolina State Ports Authority.

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The Port of Brownsville opened a new entrance for truck traffic on February 19. IT Minerals will invest $4.5 million in an importing, processing and exporting facility to be sited on property leased from the Port of New Orleans. Beginning this September, a second runway at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport will facilitate air/sea passenger traveler patrons of Port Everglades’ cruise terminals.

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Naylor, LLC
The Port of San Diego's $4.25 million shore power project is now online and available for cold-ironing cargo ships docking at 10th Avenue Marine Terminal.

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The Port of Houston Authorityreports a strong start to the new year with double-digit January growth for operating revenue and cargo tonnage. Philadelphia Regional Port Authority experienced fourth consecutive year of double-digit cargo tonnage growth in 2013. Continued growth was also evident in the 2013 year-end results for Port Metro Vancouver, including a repeat of record volumes in the container and bulk sectors.

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AAPA's 2014 Maritime Economic Development Workshop, hosted by the Port of San Diego on February 20-21, drew nearly 80 participants from AAPA’s the United States, Canada and Caribbean port delegations. Participants came to identify and discuss key economic development challenges at their ports (including cargo, passenger and infrastructure development), explore methods for addressing those challenges, and talk about measurement techniques that help ensure limited resources are used most effectively.

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Massport has selected former Port Everglades business development director Michael Vanderbeek as its new deputy port director for sales and marketing. Paulo André de Castro Holanda, president of Companhia Docas do Ceara, the agency responsible for Fortaleza and other public ports in that Brazilian state, has been named Outstanding Federal Executive of Ceara of 2013. Former Nike attorney Daniel Blaufus has joined the Port of Portland, in Oregon, as general counsel.

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The Canaveral Port Authority expects to sign contracts with Norwegian and Royal Caribbean cruise lines next month after recently reaching terms that expand commitments from both companies. The Redwood City Port Commission has approved a three-year lease with Boxer Industries, Inc., for a carbon black pilot production facility. The Virginia Port Authority expects to benefit from the G6 vessel-sharing consortium’s transatlantic services.

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Mississippi State Port Authority at Gulf Port
Business Opportunities
Invitation for Bids: Seaboard Marine Cargo Terminal Redevelopment Phase II (4 of 5) – PortMiami

Career Opportunities:
Environmental Mgt. Spec. 1 – Port of Seattle
Executive Director – Waukegan Port District
Manager of Bulk Terminal – Port of Corpus Christi
Sr. Manager, Operations – Port of Tacoma

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