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February 23, 2023
AAPA is kicking off a new interview series of port industry leaders this week. This inaugural conversation is with Jackie Q. Carter, Port Director for Port Milwaukee. In this series, we are celebrating the accomplishments of port professionals and sharing how they inspire the rising leaders of tomorrow.

What has contributed to your success as a port leader? I believe that balancing respect for tradition, while being open to innovation and efficiencies, attributes to my success as a port leader. I have a respect for the values that tradition is often rooted in, and I am also open to using modern resources and new perspectives to get the job done without losing touch with why we do certain things. Doing new things for the sake of switching it up is just as bad as the mindset of “we’ve always done it this way.” Both are dismissive and fail to nurture the incredible opportunities that are possible in an intergenerational workplace.
What was your first position in the ports industry and how did that help prepare you for your current position? My first role in the ports industry was as finance officer for Port Milwaukee. In that role, I gained an understanding of how all port divisions contribute to the mission and work of the maritime industry. As I learned and applied my knowledge and previous experience to the work, I offered insights and helped to create process and reporting efficiencies within the organization. I was fortunate to have a manager who took note of my interest and ability, and began to include me in planning and decision making, and eventually added administrative functions to my duties. In the newly defined role of finance and administration officer, I became more involved with strategic planning and policy within the organization and industry. As my perspective grew, so did my contribution to the collective work of Port Milwaukee. Being afforded opportunities to employ my skills and experience, as well as to develop a broad perspective of the industry and Port Milwaukee’s role in it, all helped to prepare me for the role of Milwaukee’s Port Director.
If you could go back and give any advice to your younger self, what would it be? I am a firm believer that all things work together for good, that our experiences and life lessons are not just for us, but for the generations that follow. So, if I had to give my younger self advice, I would tell her to be consistent with journaling so that there is written record of those experiences that will live beyond me.
What is your favorite way to spend time on the water? I enjoy spending time on the water in solitude and in fellowship. Alone I spend time in prayer, with my Bible and journal. In fellowship, I’m usually with good friends, enjoying good food and good music. Whether we’re on a boat or on a beach, there is sure to be lots of love and laughter.
Trimble Heavy Industry
Center for Advances in Port Management, Lamar University
AAPA is pleased to announce the Delta Cohort candidates in the Port Professional Manager (PPM) program. Candidates were selected based on their port leadership’s recommendation and support, status as a full-time port or supply chain industry professional, having at least five years of management experience, as well as their professional development goals. The Delta Cohort includes:
  • Jason Garben, Port of Oakland
  • Erik Gerking, Port of Everett
  • Felicia Harral, Calhoun Port Authority
  • Donovan Hutchinson, Port Authority of the Cayman Islands
  • Josh Miller, Port Everglades
  • Alejandro Natera, Port Miami – Port of Miami Crane Management, Inc.
  • Erik Neugaard, Port Everglades
  • Joseph Powell, MPE, Jackson County Port Authority – Port of Pascagoula
  • Andrew Sinclair, The Port of Virginia
  • Helga Sommer, Port Miami
  • Maxwell Wigglesworth, Massachusetts Port Authority
These next PPM candidates will begin a rigorous two to four year educational program in an extensive maritime leadership and management program. Delta Cohort members will participate in specially designed program exercises at AAPA events that provide them with professional relationship building opportunities and engagement with industry experts and leaders. To graduate, PPM candidates must complete six core courses/events, 60 elective hours and a cornerstone project. Graduates receive a unique PPM certification and are equipped with broad, specialized knowledge to become future leaders in the port industry. For more information on AAPA’s Professional Development Programs, contact Julie Barelas at jbarelas@aapa-ports.org.
The ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles will give a progress update on the San Pedro Bay Ports Clean Air Action Plan (CAAP) from 10:00 a.m. to noon PT on March 8. The meeting will include a status update of the Clean Truck Fund Rate implementation, status on the ports’ Technology Advancement Program projects, and a look at 2022 accomplishments and 2023 priorities.
The Centerm Expansion Project is now complete at the Port of Vancouver. The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority continues to partner with industry and government to deliver the sustainable infrastructure needed to support growing trade and stronger national supply chains. The expansion project — delivered in partnership with terminal operator DP World — focused on innovative ways to make best use of the limited trade-enabling industrial land available and allow Centerm to handle 60% more containers.
ZIM Shipping Lines, one of the top ocean carrier container companies in the world and a major container shipping customer at Maryland’s Port of Baltimore, is doubling its service to the state, increasing its E-commerce Baltimore Express frequency from bi-weekly to weekly, beginning at the end of February.
South Jersey Port Corporation marked its 30-year partnership with Clipper Americas shipping lines of Copenhagen. The collaboration ensures materials such as high-quality European steel coils, tin, and structural steel from Clipper ships are instantly dispatched and transported to manufacturers and construction projects throughout the heartland of America and Canada.
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The Galveston Wharves has built a strong engineering team to carry out millions of dollars in expansion projects and critical repairs detailed in the port’s 20-Year Strategic Master Plan. National Engineers Week, February 19-25, is the perfect opportunity to spotlight the engineering team and recognize them for their dedication and hard work.
The Port of Cleveland announced its tonnage numbers for the 2022 shipping season during its February board meeting. General cargo tonnage totaled 525,486 metric tons, a jump from 421,755 metric tons in 2021.

The Port of Los Angeles processed 726,014 TEUs in January, a 16% decrease from the previous January’s all-time record. January 2023 loaded imports reached 372,040 TEUs, down 13% compared to the previous year. Loaded exports came in at 102,723 TEUs, an increase of 2.5% compared to last year.

Containerized full exports at the NWSA grew 3.8% in January – marking two consecutive months of growth. Total container volume for the month decreased 21.7% to 213,095 TEUs. Full imports declined 30% as imports continue to struggle due to elevated retail inventories and weak consumer demand.
Port Saint John is partnering with Pond-Deshpande Centre to engage the next generation of leaders in its mandate for a greener and more sustainable future. University and college students from across New Brunswick will have the opportunity to participate in a business plan competition designed to stimulate ways for the port to reduce GHG emissions.
Port Tampa Bay’s Board of Commissioners approved a lease agreement with Tradepoint Tampa for 35 acres of land to build a new trans-load warehouse distribution facility. Under the terms of a 40-year lease agreement, Tradepoint Tampa will design, construct and operate an approximately 500,000 square foot facility for the trans-loading of cargo between ocean containers, trucks and rail cars.
Construction of the Port of Montreal Tower is nearing completion. On February 13, port teams carried out an operation that was as delicate as it was spectacular — installing the glass cage that will make it possible for visitors to walk on an entirely glassed-in floor at a height of 50 meters. Watch a video of the installation.
Green Marine
Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company, LLC
Chief Operating Officer, Miami, FL; Port of Miami Crane Management, Inc.

Performance, Data and Report Analyst, Vancouver, WA; Port of Vancouver USA

Senior Deputy General Counsel/Land Use Attorney, San Diego, CA; Port of San Diego

Senior Deputy General Counsel/Real Estate Attorney, San Diego, CA; Port of San Diego

Director of Engineering, Oakland, CA; Port of Oakland, CA

Port Assistant Management Analyst, Oakland, CA; Port of Oakland

Port Electrician, Oakland, CA; Port of Oakland

Electronics Officer, U.S. Merchant Marine, Nationwide; American Radio Association
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