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July 30, 2020
Despite the barriers they face, women in the field of logistics work hard to make a difference and are paving the way for a new generation of women to be inspired to join the field. AAPA applauds the leadership of Kristen Decas, CEO and director of the Port of Hueneme, and Elaine Forbes, executive director of the Port of San Francisco, selected by Global Trade Magazine as part of the year’s top ten women in logistics. Decas has helped her port to generate more than $1 billion in annual economic impact and to create thousands of new jobs; and Forbes, who oversees a responsible and sustainable management of the port, both economically and environmentally, continues to further her port’s opportunity to serve the City of San Francisco.
The Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) is a unique energy organization established in 1996 to increase the uses and users of propane. PERC is governed by a council made up of industry leaders from the propane industry and propane producing partners. PERC engages in the development of new technologies utilizing propane, while remaining the industry leader in safety and education for the propane industry, allied industries and consumers.
Port Director Provides Update on Steps Taken to Ensure Cargo Fluidity
The Port of New York and New Jersey is open for business and fully operational despite the COVID-19 health crisis. Sam Ruda, port director, provides updates on the port and expounds upon dedicated efforts to aiding millions of Americans through the movement of cargo. In this video segment, serving as the second installment of a three-part series, Ruda details information on the following key pillars: coordinated efforts with its port partners, organizational adjustments made to ensure the movement of cargo and sharing of best practices with port authorities both nationally and globally. 
Center for Advances in Port Management, Lamar University
Post Hurricane Hanna recovery efforts continue at the Port of Corpus Christi following the Category 1 hurricane’s landfall to the Texas Gulf Coast. The U.S Coast Guard reopened the Corpus Christi Ship Channel without restrictions on Monday, following extensive review of hydrographic surveys by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
The Port of Seattle will rename six port-owned parks and shoreline access sites along the Duwamish River to new names that reflect the cultural and environmental history of the area. The port has partnered with Seattle Parks Foundation, a well-recognized public parks and greenspace nonprofit, to design and implement the re-naming campaign with transparency and community involvement. The Port of Tacoma Commission has identified 10 local economic development projects to invest in. These projects will be funded by the port’s Local Economic Development Investment Fund, an annual program that supports non-profit organizations and local governments in Pierce County that promote international trade, tourism or infrastructure efforts.
Carnival Cruise Line recently announced new fleet plans and PortMiami is excited to be part of its offerings. Carnival’s second Excel-class vessel will be delivered in November 2022 and will homeport in Miami.
The Port of Vancouver USA approved the purchase of environmental mitigation credits from the Wapato Valley Mitigation and Conservation Bank (Wapato Bank) in anticipation of several upcoming projects. The Port of Vancouver USA is the first port within the Wapato Bank service area to create an agreement like this to secure credits that will be released upon bank certification for future port development.
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The Port of Seattle suspended its planning for a new cruise terminal to serve the Alaska market, citing a need to better understand the short- and long-term cruise industry market impacts from COVID-19 before continuing its project investment in additional cruise facilities. As a result of this current analysis, the port will cancel its request for industry proposals for a joint investment to build and operate a proposed new cruise terminal at the preferred location of Terminal 46.
Port Everglades’ one-stop source to business operations, the 2020 Port Everglades Facilities Guide & Directory, is now available in both print and digital versions. New this year, the Facilities Guide & Directory includes the port’s annual Commerce Report, which provides financial information for Fiscal Year 2019.
The Port of San Diego has been approved by U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the City of San Diego to activate a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) at the Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal. As an FTZ, the terminal is a secured, designated location where foreign and domestic merchandise is generally considered to be in international commerce and outside of United States customs territory. 
Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), the Port of Montreal will be able to benefit from a new predictive tool that optimizes port logistics, letting the port improve its operational planning and positively impact the transit times for containerized cargo in the supply chain, especially for rail freight.
The completion of CSX Transportation’s DeWitt Rail Yard modernization project offers the potential for the Port of New York and New Jersey to further its goal of moving more freight through its $600 million ExpressRail on-dock rail system.
Skyline Steel, LLC
Propane Education & Research Council
The Port of Long Beach announced Harbor Commissioner Frank Colonna was elected as Board President to lead the Long Beach Board of Harbor Commissioners. The five-member board that oversees the Port of Long Beach also selected Steven Neal as Vice President and Bonnie Lowenthal as Secretary.
There will be a suspension of mooring services usually provided by longshoremen and cargo handling services at the Port of Montreal terminals due to a strike notice this week issued by the Syndicat des Débardeurs C.U.P.E. Local 375.
The Port of Savannah handled 4.44 million TEUs in FY 2020, down less than 1% compared to the previous year. Despite COVID-19 disruptions, total tons crossing all GPA docks reached a record 37.77 million, up 0.6%, or 223,000 tons, compared to FY 2019.
The coronavirus pandemic may have taken over the news and focus for early 2020, but it did not prevent the building process from continuing. That means bids were being let and jobs awarded, a hopeful sign of forward movement at a time when the world practically stopped. But no matter what is going on globally, crafting the right project scope – whether seeking a bid or request for proposal – requires caution and an ability to learn from past mistakes.
The Port of Vancouver USA received a shipment of wind turbine components that included the longest wind turbine blades ever to enter the West Coast of the United States and transported across North America, to-date. The delivery is a joint effort between the turbine manufacturer Goldwind Americas and the wind project owner Potentia Renewables.
Green Marine
Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company, LLC
Manager of Security Operations, Grants & Administration, Long Beach, CA; Port of Long Beach

Chief Executive Officer/Executive Director, Gulfport, MS; Mississippi State Port Authority (MSPA)
Chief of Design and Construction, Corpus Christi, TX; Port Corpus Christi Authority

, Point Comfort, TX; Calhoun Port Authority
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