AAPA Seaports Advisory
December 18, 2018
Ed O’Connell, Meredith Martino and Mary Beth Long of the AAPA staff just returned from Canada after meeting with future convention host, Port of Quebec and their staff. AAPA is thrilled that Quebec City is the site of AAPA’s 2020 Convention and the first convention that will be wholly managed and organized by the AAPA under the newly revised convention guidelines. We are currently soliciting bids for the 2021 convention. For more information contact eoconnellk@aapa-ports.org.
The Ports of Indiana hosted key leaders from the Great Lakes maritime industry to highlight the critical role of maritime commerce to Indiana's economy and to announce December 12, 2018, as Great Lakes Maritime Day. The American Public Works Association’s Southern California Chapter has named the Port of Los Angeles winner of the APWA Traffic, Mobility and Beautification B.E.S.T. Award for the port’s recently completed Harbor Boulevard & Plaza Park improvement project. The Port of Redwood City announced the launch of a new agency website, reflecting the port’s position as a leading West Coast foreign trade agency and maritime economic engine serving Silicon Valley.
Naylor Association Solutions
Naylor Association Solutions
Naylor Association Solutions
Naylor Association Solutions
The port authorities of Montreal and Trois-Rivières have announced the ratification of a first-ever Cooperation Agreement to improve and enhance their respective port services. Three sectors of joint intervention have been identified: the industrial-port zone, international cruises and the riverside area near the city center. Already, resources are being pooled in these three areas and work is underway. The Port of San Diego and the U.S. Navy will cooperate to advance innovation involving the Blue Economy in the San Diego region, under a new agreement between the port and the western division of the Navy’s Naval Undersea Warfare Center.
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Marketing Manager - Import Cargo, Long Beach, CA; Port of Long Beach
Marketing Manager - Economic Development, Long Beach, CA; Port of Long Beach
Director of Operations, Corpus Christi, TX; Port of Corpus Christi Authority

Maritime Director, San Francisco, CA; Port of San Francisco
Safety Program Manager, Longview, WA; Port of Longview

Facilities Manager, Cape Canaveral, FL; Canaveral Port Authority

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