AAPA Seaports Advisory
July 31, 2018
The 2018 AAPA Port Security Seminar & Expo gathered over 100 participants on July 25-27 in Chicago to examine critical port security issues. Maritime cybersecurity was a special focus of the seminar, as former member of the Federal Maritime Commission, Hon. Rob Quartel, moderated two interactive panels that analyzed public and private sector perspectives and responsibilities. James G. Featherstone of the Homeland Security Advisory Council delivered the keynote address on crisis leadership, and FBI Special Agent Jeffrey Sallet provided an engaging overview of current security threats. Furthermore, Capt. Ryan Manning, Chief of the U.S. Coast Guard Office of Port & Facilities Compliance, and Jason Smith, U.S. Senate Commerce Committee fellow, participated on cybersecurity and TWIC panels. Attendees were also treated to a waterside tour of the Port of Chicago and networked with leading port security solution providers. 
The Port of Corpus Christi successfully priced and sold $216.2 million of Senior Lien Revenue Bonds. These bonds will be used for both the deepening and widening of the Corpus Christi Ship Channel as well as upcoming capital projects within the port. Wells Fargo Securities acted as Lead Manager of a syndicate of underwriters including JP Morgan, Citigroup, and Frost Bank. Halifax Port Authority has received an investment-grade credit rating of ‘A+’ from S&P Global Ratings as strong operational and financial performance continues.

Green Marine
Port Associate Environmental Planner/Scientist, Oakland, California; Port of Oakland

Facility Maintenance Engineer, Corpus Christi, Texas; Port of Corpus Christi Authority

Chief of Planning & Design, Corpus Christi, Texas; Port of Corpus Christi Authority

Director of Strategy and Development, Wilmington, California; TraPac, LLC 

Manager of Safety, Security and Environmental Compliance (EC & GC), Long Beach, California; Metro Cruise Services

Klein Marine Systems, Inc.