Community Outreach: Oakland, Port Arthur, Vancouver (WA)

Port of Oakland Board Greenlights Waterfront Trail Improvements

The Oakland Board of Port Commissioners has approved construction of waterfront improvements that will connect sections of the Bay Trail on port property along the Oakland Estuary. 

"While most of the port-owned properties along the Oakland Estuary already contain Bay Trail improvements, this will allow the City of Oakland to move forward on construction that will close gaps in the Trail and enhance the waterfront shoreline for public recreation," said Port Commercial Real Estate Director Pam Kershaw. 

The Waterfront Trail (Oakland's part of the Bay Trail) project has been implemented in various phases for the past several years and is administered through the City of Oakland Public Works Division. 

The Oakland Estuary extends from Oakland International Airport to Oakland Seaport on the northern end, with businesses, residences, parks, and wetlands in between.

Waterfront Trail improvements are part of the City of Oakland's Measure DD Project, which was approved by the voters of Oakland in 2002. It provides approximately $200 million in bond funds to install public access improvements along the Oakland Estuary, enhance Lake Merritt, improve various creeks and streams in Oakland, and to make other related public improvements throughout the city. 

Port Arthur: Camp SeaPort – Phase II Builds Boats for the Future

The Port of Port Arthur’s Camp SeaPort recently hosted its advance camp for area youth. Referred to as Phase II, it is a 6-week experience where local high school students gather one night per week to develop teamwork and leadership skills.  

This year’s theme, "A rising tide may lift all boats...., but you need a boat," challenged campers to build and float a STEAM powered boat. Employing science, technology, engineering, arts, and math, campers prototyped and constructed their own boat.

"We wanted to provide our campers an opportunity to go hands-on, gain experience and actually build a boat. The confidence gained and skills acquired help them prepare for the future. The boat building by the students exceeded our expectations, they really do float," said SeaPort Camp founder and Port Commissioner Linda Turner Spears.

Rounding out the camp, the students developed teamwork skills in a culinary arts exercise. "Preparing various meals, working as a team in a galley setting only adds to the experience", Spears adds. Hosted in the Port Arthur International Seafarer Center, the campers had the opportunity to learn about and meet seafarers from around the world.  

The next port-sponsored Camp SeaPort is planned for early July. Participating in the summer camp is a prerequisite for the advanced camp, Phase II. At the summer camp, local youth spend a week in maritime environment learning about various maritime careers. Campers tour a working port, learn basic skills, meet with pilots, tug and tow boat operators, longshore labor, and Coast Guard personnel. They also participate in a waterborne educational exercise on coastal resource management.  

Envisioned 10 years ago with the mission to provide area youth the opportunity to explore maritime careers, Camp SeaPort has hosted 200 plus students. The port-sponsored youth outreach program is volunteer-supported with modest funding from the port.

Port of Vancouver USA Adds TV, Radio Spots to 2016 Community Outreach

The Port of Vancouver USA has added television and radio advertising to its community outreach program to help raise awareness of the port, its projects and its local partnerships.

As in previous years, the port’s 2016 community outreach program also includes public tours, community newsletters, and ads in local publications. The TV and radio spots are aimed at broadening public understanding of the port’s mission, economic benefits, and major projects.

"We’re a hub for industry in our region, generating $2.9 billion in economic value and directly supporting 3,200 jobs, yet many people aren’t even aware they have a port," said Chief External Affairs Officer Ryan Hart. "These are some far-reaching communications tools to share with the public the great things happening here at the port."