Supply Chain Productivity

Montreal Port Collaborates On Study to Assist the Trucking Industry

The Montreal Port Authority is endorsing the findings of a study aimed at improving the traffic flow of trucks that provide land transport of goods to and from the Port of Montreal.

The Study of Innovative Technologies for Communicating Real-time Information to Port Drayage Drivers, released January 12, was produced by the Asia Pacific Gateway (APG) Skills Table and conducted with the Montreal Port Authority.

The study inventoried various technological platforms that allow information on port operating and traffic conditions to be relayed in real time to truckers by examining the cases of 10 international ports. The ports considered vary in scale and complexity, and were mainly North American and European.

These platforms range from simple email and SMS or Twitter-based text systems to more complex systems of mobile applications and changeable roadside message signs.

The study found ways to use new information technology to better inform truckers of traffic conditions and, as a result, better plan their routes to the port.