Partnerships: Ensenada/Hueneme

Ports of Ensenada and Hueneme Sign Cooperation Agreement 

An agreement of cooperation between the Port of Hueneme and Administración Portuaria Integral de Ensenada was signed in Mexico on October 16. The objective is to promote trade and economic development.

Héctor Bautista Mejía, general manager of API de Ensenada, spoke of opportunities to promote port development by using new technologies and strengthening institutional relationships to improve communications and logistics.

Observers to the proceedings included Jess Herrera, president of the board of commissioners of the Port of Hueneme, and Fernando Gamboa Rosas, general manager of port development and administration for API de Ensenada.

Kristen Decas, executive director of the Port of Hueneme, and Hector Bautista of the Port of Ensenada said they would work together on behalf of their communities, regions and areas of influence.

Ms. Decas is also board chair of the American Association of Port Authorities.

The Port of Hueneme, a key player in regional economic development, committed to push ahead with matters of mutual interest, such as the promotion and growth of international trade, development of institutions that facilitate this exchange, stimulate industrial development, and  advance inter-port navigation, nautical tourism, sport fishing and environmental protection.

Hueneme and Ensenada are both AAPA Corporate Members.

Ensenada/Hueneme port agreement signing ceremony in Ensenada. From left: Fernando Gamboa Rosas, director general of Mexico’s National Port and Merchant Marine agency; Hector Gonzalo Bautista Mejía, general manager, API de Ensenada; Kristin Decas, CEO and port director, Port of Hueneme; and Jess Herrera, president, Port of Hueneme Board of Harbor Commissioners.
Photo/API de Ensenada