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Port of Long Beach (Calif.) – 'WORKS' Trade Ad Series

The "WORKS" Trade Ad Series battles the competition by drawing attention to what WORKS for Port of Long Beach customers and builds their business at the nation's second-busiest seaport: BIG WORKS. FLEXIBLE WORKS. GREEN WORKS. 

Port of New Orleans (La.) – The Big, Easy Way Ad Campaign

The city of New Orleans is internationally renowned for many things, including its night life and music. For years those who marketed the Port of New Orleans tried to remove it the typical image of Bourbon Street. They came to realize they could leverage that image in a positive manner. The port’s Big, Easy Way print ads are designed to highlight the port’s mission by incorporating its dedication to getting the job done no matter the time of day (Night Life ad) and its customer-driven strategic logistical services (Jazz ad). Port staff set out to create an ad campaign that married the port’s cargo handling capabilities with globally recognizable New Orleans themes.

Port of Stockton (Calif.) – ‘Port Proud, Stockton Proud’

The Port of Stockton felt that local residents and businesses didn’t know enough about the port....specifically it imports and exports, how many jobs the it provides to the local community and how much revenue it brings to the local economy. Results from a baseline online survey proved these assumptions to be true. In order to combat these sentiments, the Port of Stockton created a multi-media campaign of a series of advertisements tying the port into the local community. By doing so, the port wanted to provide factual information about itself, to demonstrate its personality through its employees and their community involvement, and show the target market that – through this community involvement – they could be proud of the Port of Stockton, therefore, "Port Proud, Stockton Proud." The awareness campaign, which started in November of 2013, will end in November of 2014 and a baseline survey will again be conducted to determine the level of awareness that the campaign raised. So far, the overall feedback has been tremendously positive.


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