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Economic Impact: Tampa Bay

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Port Tampa Bay: $17.2B Regional Economic Impact in 2015

A newly released study finds that Port Tampa Bay’s economic impact based on 2015 numbers amounted to $17.2 billion.  It also reveals that the port supported some 85,000 direct, indirect, induced and related jobs annually.

The study calculates that port-related wages and salaries and local consumption totaled $5.1 billion.  The mean salary for port-dependent jobs came to $55,000, which was higher than the average for jobs within Hillsborough County where the port is located.  

Between 2012 and 2015, cargo activity at Port Tampa Bay’s public and private marine terminals increased by 3.4 million tons, driven by growth in limestone and phosphatic fertilizers, petroleum products, containerized goods, and break bulk steel products.

The purpose of the study was to measure the local, regional and state economic impacts generated by maritime activity at the cargo terminals, cruise terminals, and shipyards, as well as non-maritime real estate interests at the port, for the entirety of the 2015 fiscal year.  

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