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June 29, 2023
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On Friday, June 23, AAHOA held a pivotal Town Hall in Artesia, CA.
The purpose of this specific Town Hall was to tell the hotelier's story by bridging communication gaps between hoteliers and their local governments. The Town Hall consisted of a panel discussion of district attorneys, superior court judges, LAPD staff, LA Sheriff Department staff, as well as mental health and domestic violence first responders.
Panelists included Superior Court Judge Chris J. Frisco, Deputy District Attorney Samantha Borghi, Commander Yolanda Figueroa of the LA Sherriff Command Staff, Commander John Pinto of the LAPD Command Staff, Marilyn Neece, Executive Director of SAHARA, Congressman Jimmy Gomez (D-34), and panel moderators were Ricky Patel, CEO of Toli Ventures, and Councilmember Hon. Joe Buscaino (D-15).
After the panel members introduced themselves to the audience, they discussed how the hospitality industry impacts the work they do, steps hoteliers can take in events of crisis such as human trafficking, violence, and shoplifting; as well as the technology local governments use to respond to crisis and to collect data for funding purposes.
Hoteliers learned the importance of reporting crises to their local law enforcement while establishing a meaningful connection with local government officials. AAHOA hopes to replicate this model in future Town Hall events across the country.
A special thank you to Greater Los Angeles Area Regional Director Naresh “ND” Bhakta, the president and board members of IGC, Mike Patel (Manna), Ricky Patel, and local Ambassadors for hosting this special Town Hall.
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This week, AAHOA leaders attended the 2023 HITEC Conference in Toronto, Canada, taking place from June 26-29.
Presented by HFTP (Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals), HITEC showcases hundreds of the industry's most innovative solution providers - from start-ups to big name brands - demonstrating the technology tools that support the breadth of hospitality operations. Paired with a top-tier education program, planned and presented by the industry's top experts, the result is an event to begin the search for technology solutions. 
On Monday, June 26, Immediate Past Chairman Neal Patel (2022-2023) participated as a speaker in an education session called "The Workforce Focus Has Shifted: Recruitment, Retention, and Work Life Balance." The session was about industry leaders sharing their thoughts on how technology can be used to help recruit and retain quality employees by building a people-first work culture.
On Tuesday, June 27, AAHOA Chairman Bharat Patel participated in the HITEC Headliner education session, "International Perspectives - Tech Future Proofing: Planning For The Global Traveler," in which an esteemed panel of executives shared their first-hand observations and real-world experiences. This interactive panel featured a dynamic and live discussion format to proactively tackle the questions and challenges of today’s complex technology landscape and how to prepare for the global traveler coming to your property.
Check out Chairman Bharat Patel's LinkedIn post expressing his excitement and gratitude about participating in the HITEC Conference. "Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP®) has been a long-time supporter of AAHOA’s mission," Patel says in his LinkedIn post. "We’re thrilled to be in attendance at #HITEC2023, where thousands of #hospitality professionals, executive decision-makers, and industry investors from over 60 countries are discussing technology trends, best practices, and solutions."
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This momentous occasion marked Prime Minister Modi's first state visit, and his pivotal joint address to Congress at the U.S. Capitol, symbolized the strengthening of India's relationship with the United States.
The hotel industry has historically offered countless opportunities for entrepreneurial pursuit to a significant number of first- and second-generation immigrants from India, enabling them to realize the American Dream.
As the nation with the highest population globally and serving as a pivotal junction within the Indo-Pacific region, India assumes a pivotal role on the global platform and stands as a valuable ally to the United States.
"As a member of the Indian diaspora, it has been an honor to welcome Prime Minister Modi to the U.S. and strengthen the relationship between our countries," AAHOA Chairman Bharat Patel said in a LinkedIn post.
AAHOA is proud to have leaders who are so committed to representing not only this associaiton, but the hotel industry at such historical events.
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Kalibri Labs, a data science leader in hotel performance analytics and benchmarking, announced a groundbreaking initiative, which will be supported by multiple industry associations, that will revolutionize the approach of hoteliers in a market dominated by digital disruption.
In a strategic collaboration, Kalibri Labs and leading industry associations including AAHOA, HFTP, and HSMAI, will launch the first-ever Commercial Strategy Certification Program. This announcement follows the recent release of "Demystifying the Digital Market & Guide to Commercial Strategy", published in partnership with Hotel Business, a market leader in delivering insights to owners and operators. The new certification program will provide practical tools and techniques to hotel operators faced with increasing challenges of operating profitably in a marketplace with rapidly rising costs.
In a LinkedIn post, AAHOA Chairman Bharat Patel expresses his enthusiasm for this partnership, stating, “AAHOA is honored to partner with Kalibri Labs and other esteemed industry associations to help make this Commercial Strategy Certification Program a reality. This certificate program will help many hoteliers navigate the evolving world of digital customer acquisition.”
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Last month, AAHOA released an informational video about its 4 Pillars of Franchise Advocacy to advance AAHOA’s mission as the foremost resource and advocate for America’s hotel owners. These 4 Pillars of Franchise Advocacy represent the primary issues for which AAHOA advocates on behalf of member-hoteliers.
The 4 Pillars of Franchise Advocacy are separate from the 12 Points of Fair Franchising. The 12 Points is an educational primer, while the 4 Pillars relate to AAHOA advocacy - the issues we know are most important to hoteliers.
The 4 Core Pillars:
  1. Mandated Vendors: Brands should not mandate specific vendors when there are multiple vendors selling goods of comparable quality at comparable prices.
  2. Rebates: Brands should disclose all vendor "rebates," which can also be called "discounts," "refunds," or "allowances," and should be returned to Franchisees through appropriate accounts.
  3. Loyalty Programs: Brands should reasonably compensate Franchisees when the brand sells loyalty points for cash and then allows travelers to stay at hotels owned by Franchisees.
  4. New Fees: Brands should not unilaterally or arbitrarily impose new fees on Franchisees that were not disclosed in the official Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) without the approval of the Franchisees or a properly elected Franchise Advisory Council (FAC).
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Member Testimonial
"I want members to be informed, prepared, and connected. How are we going to do that? We’re going to leverage technology, and we're going to have a higher level of member engagement until everyone on our team, the board included, is on board with us. And so, I'm excited to be your next chairman. I'm excited for our industry. And I can't wait to get started."
-Bharat Patel, AAHOA Chairman (2023-2024)
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AAHOA Education
The internet is a virtual playground for many to make easy profit, sometimes at the cost of other businesses. Cybersquatting and brandjacking are taking over and ultimately reduce your control of your brand or business name. Others are able to sell or use a domain name with the intent of profiting from the goodwill of someone else’s trademark. Hotels are prey to these acts and are losing business as their direct bookings are being redirected or bookers are mislead to click on an incorrect web address. This educational session will show hoteliers how to protect their property from digital brandjackers to increase direct booking conversion.
Presenter: Craig Carbonniere
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Featured Club Blue Member
HCareers is a real-time, tech-first solution for both employers and professionals in North America's hospitality industry and has placed more than one million professionals in progressive roles within the industry since 2001. They feature more than 25,000 job listings daily and support more than 4,000 registered employers. Hcareers has revolutionized job matching. Use our score to find the BEST opportunities based on YOUR personal profile. Check out the website and get started today!
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Karcher North America
Featured Platinum/Silver Partner
O’Connor is the largest property tax consulting firm in the United States. O’Connor’s team of professionals possess the resources and unparalleled market expertise in the areas of property tax, cost segregation, and commercial and residential real estate appraisals. Their proven solutions continue to help taxpayers reduce their annual property tax rates. To learn more information about potentially reducing your property taxes, visit their website at
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Featured Member Benefit
AAHOA is proud to collaborate with Kennesaw State University to establish the Michael Leven and Lee Dushoff AAHOA Scholarship for Compassionate Leadership. This annual scholarship will support students seeking an undergraduate degree in hospitality management. For more on the qualifications and how to apply, please call 470-578-2206. To make a tax-deductible contribution to the scholarship endowment, please click here.
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Industry News
Occupying a space somewhere between a traditional hotel room and home sweet home, hometels are showing great potential to upend the industry, offering an eco- and guest-friendly alternative to the standard hospitality model.
(Source: Yahoo! News)
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Thanks to advances in robst property management systems, hoteliers are uncovering and addressing inefficiencies in their properties in new ways.
(Source: Hotel Technology News)
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Without the expansive online presence offered by the brands, independent properties have to get creative when attempting to capture as many direct bookings as possible.
(Source: 4Hoteliers)
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In the Market
Truist Securities reports, “Overall U.S. RevPAR was -0.1% y/y for the week ending 6/24/2023, per STR, below the prior week's result of +1.5%, and below the trailing 10-week average of +2.6%. Vs. 2019, RevPAR was +12.2%, above the prior week’s result of +11.1%, and similar to the trailing 10-week average of +11.9%. We believe the rise of Juneteenth as a work holiday for many was impactful to lodging demand last week and anecdotal conversations with hotel owners suggest that Monday business travel was down as a result. That said, Monday occupancy was down a moderate 4% for Upper Upscale and 5% for Urban suggesting less impact than some other federal holidays. Upscale RevPAR: +2.2% y/y and +7.2% vs. 2019; Upper Midscale RevPAR: +1.5% y/y and +14.1% vs. 2019.”
For more, read the full report here, and read the China/Europe report here.
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