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August 28, 2018
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President Trump announced a new trade agreement with Mexico on Monday, quickly becoming the biggest development since the administration initiated NAFTA re-negotiations in 2017. AAFA's reaction to the announcement is available under Trade and AAFA News.
August 27: ... AAFA’s executive vice president Steve Lamar said, "We welcome progress with Mexico, and urge Canada to be brought in quickly to keep the agreement trilateral. We look forward to reviewing details with members." (Source: Women's Wear Daily - login required)
August 24: U.S. tariffs on Chinese imports will eventually hurt American consumers, said Rick Helfenbein, president and CEO at the American Apparel and Footwear Association. (Source: CNBC)
August 24: What do diaper bags, baseball caps, fabric, and metal snaps have in common? They are all on the front lines of the trade war. (Source: Apparel Magazine, op-ed by AAFA's Steve Lamar)
Supply Chain
August 28: A total 86% of women have said that male supervisors were the main perpetrators of violence or harassment in factories, according to a study on gender-based violence in the garments industry. (Source: Dhaka Tribune)
August 24: ... The port handled 833,000 TEUs in July, a record number for the month, which was also the fourth-strongest single-month figure in the port's history. (Source: Supply Chain Dive)
August 16: ... The move reflects a growing shift within the retail sector toward "circular" supply chains, which prioritize recycled materials as a way to recoup lost value and improve the environment. (Source: Bloomberg BNA)
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Brand Protection
August 24: ... While upscale brands have made the loudest noise about knockoffs sold by third-party sellers through Alibaba, Amazon and others, lower-priced brands on Amazon may be more vulnerable because of their greater presence on its marketplace, according to research from e-commerce insights firm Gartner L2 emailed to Retail Dive. (Source: Retail Dive)
August 23: ... On Wednesday, Pinduoduo issued an open letter about the steps it had taken to prevent the sale of fake goods. ...The company also said that it will redirect users who search for counterfeit brand names to the legitimate listings, and has set up an email channel to allow consumers and brands to report any suspicious listings. (Source: South China Morning Post)
August 22: ... The lace-up black market is no secret in Putian, and it's where you can find Chan, a vendor with a knack for getting high-quality pairs off the streets and into the hands of hypebeasts on the other side of the globe. (Source: VICE News)
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NAFTA developments and AAFA’s response: On Monday, August 27, the office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) announced that the U.S. and Mexico had "reached a preliminary agreement in principle, subject to finalization and implementation, that supports North American manufacturing and mutually beneficial trade." AAFA immediately responded with a statement expressing the need for NAFTA to remain trilateral, with Canada an integral part of any final agreement. We also pushed for the industry to have access to review the details prior to forming an opinion on the pact.
AAFA's Steve Lamar discusses the President's NAFTA
announcement outside the White House.
USTR wraps up tariff hearings: The U.S. Trade Representative's office concluded six days of hearings at the International Trade Commission on Monday, as various organizations and companies testified on the proposed implementation of tariffs on $200 billion worth of U.S. imports from China. The hearings consisted of 46 panels and more than 350 witnesses, with the vast majority testifying against the use of tariffs. AAFA's testimony is available here.
There are still three ways for AAFA members to convey feedback to the administration on the use of tariffs:
  1. Submit written comments to USTR by September 6. 
  2. Share insights with AAFA's Steve Lamar and Nate Herman for AAFA's written submission.
  3. Share your story with members of the press and your representatives in Congress.
Questions? Contact AAFA's Steve Lamar or Nate Herman.
Prop 65 labeling reminder: The effective date for new warning labels under Prop 65 is this week. This Thursday, August 30 is the deadline by which warning labels on new consumer products should reflect the new warning language. Note: this deadline is for products produced after August 30. For more information on the update to Prop 65, please see AAFA’s Prop 65 Warning Label Guidance or contact Kristen Kern.   

See all of AAFA’s latest letters, comments, and testimony here.

Congress and government agencies solicit comments on a range of issues that may affect your business – find a list of comment opportunities here.
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September 27 AAFA Footwear Workshop
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