AAFA Weekly Brief
September 5, 2017
September 4: The latest NAFTA talks are nearing conclusion without a major breakthrough or agreements on even the least-contentious topics, officials familiar with the negotiations say, fueling doubts among observers that a deal can be reached this year. (Source: Bloomberg)
September 3: President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Sunday to say the U.S. is considering slapping a trade embargo on countries that currently do business with North Korea. ... Among these countries are India, Russia, and Pakistan, all of which have strong bilateral ties to the U.S. Most importantly China, North Korea's largest trading partner, looms large in any retaliatory effort. (Source: CNBC)
September 2: President Donald Trump on Saturday said he would discuss the fate of a five-year-old U.S.-South Korean free trade deal with his advisers next week, in a move that could see him pull out of the accord with a key American ally at a time of heightened tensions on the Korean peninsula. (Source: Reuters)
Supply Chain
September 5: ... The brick-and-mortar retail swoon has been accompanied by a less headline-grabbing e-commerce boom that has created more jobs in the U.S. than traditional stores have cut. Those jobs, in turn, pay better, because its workers are so much more productive. This demonstrates something routinely overlooked in the anxiety about the job-destroying potential of robots, artificial intelligence and other forms of automation. Throughout history, automation commonly creates more, and better-paying, jobs than it destroys. (Source: Wall Street Journal)
September 2: More ships sailed into the Houston Ship Channel on Friday in what will be a parade of vessels laden with crude oil, consumer goods and cruise passengers that have been unable to dock in a region devastated by Hurricane Harvey. The storm spared the ports of Houston, Galveston, Texas City and Freeport from significant damages, but sitting idle had its own costs for companies that depend on the waterway. (Source: Houston Chronicle)
September 1: Top advisers crafting President Donald Trump’s infrastructure plan say they aim to upend the way U.S. public works are financed, shifting the bulk of the decision-making and costs to states and cities and away from Washington. The administration is proposing $200 billion in new federal funding as the central piece of its $1 trillion plan to improve the nation’s infrastructure. (Source: Wall Street Journal)
August 31: ... Made-in-America apparel’s share of market has been hovering below 3% since 2008 and footwear under 2% since 2003. In other words, virtually all clothing and shoes bought by Americans is made somewhere other than the United States. ... Because the issues surrounding the industry’s dependence on imported goods are complex, I sat down with Rick Helfenbein, president and CEO of the [American Apparel & Footwear Association], to discuss whether the industry’s reliance on imported goods is good or bad for the industry and the economy. (Source: Forbes)
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Brand Protection
September 4: An American resident has been arrested for his part in a "sophisticated scheme" to import around 200 shipping containers of fake brand-name apparel from China into the US. ... The four-year smuggling racket, which was described as an "elaborate criminal enterprise", allegedly looked to pocket millions of dollars from the sale of knock-off Nike sneakers, UGG boots, and National Football League athletic jerseys, among other merchandise. (Source: Securing Industry)
August 31: The protectability of colors has been a topic of conversation this week, as almost five years after the Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Christian Louboutin does, in fact, have a valid trademark in "Chinese red" for use on the soles of shoes (as long as those shoes are not monochrome red), the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board ("TTAB") has put an end to a two-year-long battle over the protectability of the color yellow. (Source: The Fashion Law)
August 31: A Congressional hearing on the theft of American intellectual property by the Chinese took place yesterday (Wednesday), not in Washington, D.C., but in Tallahassee, Florida. Two House members from Northwest Florida took testimony from two experts and one victim. (Source: WFSU Public Media)
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In Brief

Hurricane Harvey disaster relief: The apparel and footwear community is coming together in support of those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Companies and individuals interested in assisting are encouraged to submit donations via Delivering Good, Soles4Souls, and/or Two Ten.

Committee Spotlight – Transportation Team: The Transportation Team follows issues such as ports, shipping, and logistics. Participants of the transportation list receive regular updates describing the actions of AAFA on transportation issues, as well as breaking news reports whenever necessary. The group also provides opportunities for AAFA members to provide their own input on important issues.

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