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Every three years the ICA releases an expansive study on consumer behaviors, including percentages of consumers using professional car washes, as well as demographic information of those individuals most likely to use a professional wash. 

This year's Wash Different Workshop Sept. 22-23 features an in-depth look at the ICA's latest Consumer Study along with a deep dive into how to use that information to market to consumers. Plus, this year we've added Car Wash Tours to the program!

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Your business may not be as diverse as you think it is, and for your staff to be truly diverse and feel comfortable about it, you may need to re-evaluate how you see diversity entirely, new research shows.

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As the founder of Boston’s Diversity Staffing Pros, Kim Dukes-Rivers has been helping companies of all sizes hire the best and brightest employees since 2009. Dukes-Rivers calls her approach "the three Bs:" Build, Borrow, and Buy.

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Every day seems to bring exciting new studies as research shows us more about how social media is changing the way we relate to one another, share information and even form our identities. Here are the major findings of seven social media psychology studies that will make your marketing smarter.

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In the years since it entered marketers’ radar screens, social media marketing has often been described as conducting "conversations." But the facts just don’t bear that out. The dominant setting for social media is Facebook, made king by its nearly 1.25 billion members worldwide. But are brands having conversations there with fans?

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Kwik Car Wash helped raise a grand total of $7,629 for their 2014 "Wash for a Cause" season.

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Virtual-Strategy Magazine

The Camel Express Car Wash is not conducting its grand opening until January 1, 2015, however, founder Read Hauck has chosen to show his commitment to assisting the less fortunate individuals in the community immediately upon finalizing plans for construction. "There is an increasing number of homeless individuals across the nation and Nashville is no exception," says Hauck.

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North London Today

An eco-friendly car wash, aimed at finding employment for disabled people, has helped 10 workers land permanent jobs. The council-backed Future Clean scheme, delivered in partnership with employment and training specialists Seetec, is an environmentally-friendly valet service and was launched in May.

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When water is a vital part of your business, it doesn't help when Mother Nature provides buckets of the wet stuff for free."The biggest challenge for my business is definitely the weather," said Gene Allison, 45, owner of Classic Car Wash on Arcos Avenue in Estero. "During the rainy season, people just don't get their cars washed as often. The whole thing is weather-driven."

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The Suncoast News

Expansion at the Friendly KIA dealership has created a "car spa," owner John Gillis explains. The dealer took over the former Brew City restaurant building next door to the KIA showroom. A car wash now anchors the renovated annex, but Gillis wanted to add many creature comforts where people can relax inside while waiting for their cars to get a spot-free bath at the Mister Friendly Auto Spa.

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