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Busy is the new black, making stress seem downright fashionable, and we’ve made it worse for ourselves by linking overwork and stress with success. The harder you work and the more stressed you are, the more committed, ambitious, and successful you are, too, right?

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No matter how carefully you hire, inevitably your employees will differ in important ways. Some will be good-humored, intelligent, have a strong work ethic, and always be eager for new challenges. Others will be less so, or worse. You want to do everything you can to keep the first group, because they are critically important to the company's success. Here are five things you should do to retain your top performers.

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Prospects or customers: Is there a difference, or better yet, should there be a difference between the two? Many business owners will immediately think that there is no difference between prospects and customers. They think and assume that they are both treated the same. But, are they really treated the same?

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Any experienced business owner or marketer knows that you have to know your customers inside and out if you want to be successful at building and marketing products or services to them. It’s time to step back and dig in to find out who your customers really are (and just as important — who they aren’t). Here are five steps to get you going.

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Belfast Telegraph

When it comes to washing cars, Scottish drivers are squeaky clean while those in southern England are the dirty rascals, according to a survey. As many as 60% of Scots clean their cars at least once a month - the best rate in the UK, the survey by car wash company IMO showed.

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Belmont Car Wash & Detailing – one of the community’s longest running family-owned businesses, is gearing up for its 50th anniversary this summer with a massive renovation to the interior and exterior of its facility. The idea, according to General Manager Adam Tocci, is to provide an exceptional car wash experience for customers and to add to the beautification of the town center.

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On February 22, Mitch Wade, of Oasis Car Wash Systems suffered fatal injuries while working on the farm he loved. Services will be held Feb. 27. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to First Baptist Church, Mitch Wade Memorial, PO Box 218, Galena, KS 66739.

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