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Two men employed by two different motor carriers worked with a third party to steal $300,000 in padded invoices for work not performed, a New Jersey prosecutor says.

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Transportation Safety Exchange, an industry-pioneering, independent rating organization that inspects, monitors and reports the safety performance of motor carriers in the ground transportation industry, announced that it has launched its subscriber service for educational institutions, medical and senior services, travel and entertainment services, government entities, charitable organizations, freight shippers and other groups that use the services of passenger or freight vehicles. TSX Subscribers have access to the TSX Approved Motor Carrier Network so they can identify and hire the safer motor carriers in the industry.

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Best Way Trucking, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of GSC Logistics, Inc., was awarded the Swift Transportation "Carrier of the Year" award for tier three carriers for their services throughout Washington and Oregon. Biniam Habte, director of operations, and Ablom Mengtsu, director of business development, accepted the award on behalf of Best Way Trucking at a recent transportation conference hosted by Swift.

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A post office employee in Oakland has been charged with illegally billing the U.S. Postal Service more than $4 million by steering contracts to a truck-leasing company he runs with his wife.

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Vermonters have been enjoying unseasonably warm weather this March, and while that isn't good for the ski and maple industries, Gov. Peter Shumlin says it's helping the state hit the road running when it comes to paving projects.

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Rail Logistics-Cold Train and Interstate Distributor Co. have announced a new partnership in which Cold Train ( www.icoldtrain.com ) will utilize a dedicated fleet of trucks from Interstate Distributor Co.

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Penske Truck Leasing announced the appointment of Sherry Sanger as senior vice president of marketing. Sanger, who was the company's vice president of marketing since 2004, is now responsible for all marketing functions globally, which includes strategic marketing, promotional activities, market research and interactive marketing for Penske Truck Leasing and its subsidiary, Penske Logistics. Those product lines also include Penske Truck Rental and Penske Used Trucks.

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In a 45-year career as a truck driver, Paul Eberly has driven more than 5 million miles without an accident. That record earned the Clear Spring-area man the 2011 Driver of the Year title from the Maryland Motor Truck Association.

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A new Indiana law effective July this year will penalize truckers who transport food without complying with state health rules with a Class A infraction and possible loss of their loads. Trucks transporting perishable foods without proper refrigeration can be inspected, detained and in certain cases, impounded by law enforcement officers, according to the law.

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North American truckmakers such as Navistar International Corp. are poised for a third year of sales gains as the economic recovery forces fleet owners to replace aging vehicles.

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Maryland’s top transportation priority should be a $5.8 billion project to widen the entire Capital Beltway, from the Woodrow Wilson Bridge to the American Legion Bridge, a leading national transportation group said Wednesday.

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For most Americans, energy policy right now is all about gasoline prices. And given the political claims and counterclaims on this issue being tossed about, it's no wonder that the public is both skeptical and confused. Republicans charge that the president is responsible for higher prices at the pump, and a certain GOP presidential hopeful has even been so bold as to promise a return to $2.50 a gallon gasoline.

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Trucking companies are also feeling the pain at the pump. Since last year, according to AAA, the national average for diesel has increased 19 cents. The national average for diesel currently stands at $4.15. AAA says the highest recorded average price was back in 2008 – $4.84 a gallon.

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The price of diesel has historically been lower than that of gasoline, and the trucking and logistics industry leveraged that. "At the time we were innovative and insightful building engines around diesel," said Daniel Murray, vice president of research at American Trucking Research Institute. "It was more MPG-efficient and cheaper."

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