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December 2017
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The day seems to never end, the work is forever coming down the pipeline, the phone never stops ringing and the e-mail never stops dinging. Nursing leadership is not for the faint of heart or for those afraid of a challenge. It can be incredibly easy to get caught up in the competing priorities, the long to-do lists and the calendar appointments. Eventually, leaders can find themselves running through the transactions rather than focusing on the transformation of the people and teams they are charged with leading.
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Nursing Leadership
The emotionally-charged subject of sexual harassment is becoming more prominent. It’s important leaders are aware of how to handle sensitive situations in the workplace.
Minority Nurse
Shift work sleep disorder not only can affect your work performance, but your quality of life as well. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, lack of sleep due to long shifts can cause a serious health burden.
Looking into the future, NASA may have a need for nurses in space. Dee O’Hara was the first nurse to work with the original seven Mercury astronauts in the 1960s and now the evolution of nurses into the specialized career of aerospace nursing is an option many are unaware of.
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With the holiday season upon us, nursing stations slowly become covered with tasty treats that are almost impossible to resist. Find out a few tips from nutrition experts on how to eat healthier during the holidays.
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American Sentinel University offers an online, practiced-based Doctor of Nursing Practice. This ACEN accredited program is one of a few online programs that offers specializations in executive leadership, informatics leadership and educational leadership for nursing. With one of the lowest tuition rates among online schools, this program can be completed in just over two years. Learn more about what a specialized DNP can do for you and your career.
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Practice and Patient Care
Multiple communities around the nation are trying a different approach to help patients who suffer from mental illnesses. A court-ordered outpatient treatment is a controversial method as it requires patients to receive treatment by force.
Addiction is an unfortunate possibility when patients are prescribed painkillers. A program at Duke University is trying a different approach that offers a drug-free option to help patients cope with pain.
Nurses understand the impact one’s environment can have on health. Having the leadership to influence social and environmental factors through policy can be a new step for nurses.
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According to a study by the Journal of Medical Ethics and History of Medicine, over 40 percent of all nurses made a medication error due to a high patient to nurse ratio. The need for nurses is not expected to decline in the coming years.
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Public Policy
The Hill
Healthcare is a hot topic for Congress and here are five of the biggest issues surrounding the healthcare industry that Congress will face next month.
Healthcare Industry
The FDA approved a medical device to track whether patients are actually taking their medications. Technology is making its way into the health care field one pill at a time.
A study published in Breast Cancer Research showed smoking can increase a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer by up to 35 percent. The study collected data from women over a period of seven years and the study findings are summarized by Forbes.