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September 2017
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Cynthia Plonien DNP, RN, CENP
Developing critical thought in leadership is a reflective experience that occurs physiologically through neuro-pathways in the brain. Reflection, however, seems to elude the quick pace of day to day management activity. Often managers spend their day responding to urgent needs, multi-tasking along the way. Reflection time for the sake of critical thought may be a rarity. However, there is an added risk to the development of critical thought that is far greater than what happens in the environmental work world. It is a risk you will find right in front of your eyes and at your fingertips. The threat is to the inner-working of the brain from constant contact and essential dependence on Internet interaction. In health care we use the internet to access patient records, analyze data, orient new employees, teach patients, provide in-service to staff, and communicate with colleagues. The Internet is used for every matter of business under the "health care sun" from accreditation to proposals of funding and research. We cannot escape the necessary use of the Internet. It has become a global phenomenon.
Synova Associates Inc.
November 7-10, 2017
The Wigwam Resort and Spa | Litchfield Park, Arizona
American Sentinel University
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Nursing Leadership
Michelle Wojciechowski, Blog Nursing Mentorship,
Have you ever thought about changing career paths and teaching up-and –coming nurses?
Anuja Vaidya,
The American Academy of Nursing awarded five nurse leaders its Living Legends designation, the academy’s highest honor.
Robin Farmer, Blog Career Advice,
Many nurses work for health care organizations that have social media policies to govern their online behavior in the workplace.
LaRae Quy,
Empathy is one of the most popular topics brought up for discussion by my executive coaching clients.
Amitha Kalaichandran,
The trauma area at my hospital is similar to thousands of others.
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American Sentinel University
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Texas Nurses Association
Practice and Patient Care
Juanita Hernandez, MSN, RN, NE-BC, CMSRN
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) determined that all inpatient falls are preventable and therefore, substantial reimbursement funds have been withheld (CMS, 2006). The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimate that inpatient falls occur as frequently as every 11 seconds and thirty percent of those falls result in injuries that are expected to cost approximately 54.9 billion by 2020 (CDC, 2013).
Mackenzie Bean,
Too much noise in the operating room can distract surgeons and increase the risk for medical errors, according to an article published Monday by the Joint Commission.
ANA Enterprise
We ensure our patients drink enough fluids, but we don’t do the same for ourselves.
CBS News
The impact of Alzheimer's is felt around the country.
Michelle Wojciechowski, Blog Nursing Careers,
Nursing is a stressful job.
University of San Francisco
If you aspire to lead the health care evolution, and take on multidimensional responsibilities in health care, then the University of San Francisco can help you get there. As the first of its kind in the nation, Our Executive Leadership Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program has set the standard — and raised it — preparing nurse leaders for senior roles across the full spectrum of health care. So, whether you seek to transform care delivery, use big data to improve research and apply ethical decision-making at the highest administrative levels, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills you need to succeed. Invigorate your passion for lifelong excellence in nursing practice and take the next step in your career.
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Public Policy
Brian Zimmerman,
President Donald Trump in January tapped Robert Kennedy Jr., an environmental activist who has publicly questioned the safety of vaccines for years, to lead a proposed vaccine safety committee.
Baylor University - Louise Herrington School of Nursing
University of San Francisco
Members in the News
Memorial Hermann,
Uncontrolled bleeding is the number one cause of preventable death from trauma according to the World Health Organization.
Emily Wilkinson, Managing editor Houston Business Journal,
Houston Methodist Hospital in the Texas Medical Center ranked No. 1 in Houston — and in Texas — for U.S. News & World Report’s 2017-18 rankings, which were unveiled Aug. 8.
Nursing students from Luzerne County Community College recently hosted a Gift of Life lecture at the college’s Francis S. and Mary Gill Carrozza, R.N. Health Sciences Center.
Healthcare Industry
Dan Zehr, American Satesman Staff,
Local health care industry officials on Tuesday said they have enticed a key conference to move to Austin from Atlanta and expect at least 500 top executives to attend next spring.
Mike Miliard
As providers drive patient engagement initiatives, population health management programs and quality improvement projects, they're still stymied by challenges with patient identification.