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May 2017
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LeAnn’s first job, at the age of 20, found her working with an "old" nurse (she had to be 50!) who lovingly called her BRAT. LeAnn, in turn, called her POSTEN, short for Poor Old Sick and Tired Elderly Nurse! In this fun, entertaining, highly educational session, we all learnt traits of the four generations of nurses and identify ways you and others can relate to, cope with, and even appreciate the differences. By doing so, nurses will decrease blame and resentment in the workplace and will improve cooperation, productivity, retention, and ultimately, patient care.
The Texas Center for Nursing Workforce Studies at the Department of State Health Services is asking all Chief Nursing Officers/Directors of Nursing of hospitals in Texas to complete a short survey in spring 2017.
The AONE Affiliate Achievement Award recognizes an AONE Affiliate that promotes nursing leadership and its influence in the areas of the advancement of nursing practice, patient safety and quality, recruitment and retention, or another priority initiative for that particular state or region, and that can serve as a model for other states or regions with similar interests.
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Nursing Leadership
Jennifer Thew, RN, HealthLeaders Media
Courageous leadership springs from the clarity of one's values and willingness to step beyond one's comfort zone, say two AONE 2017 keynote speakers.
Margaret Ciocco, Daily Nurse
Orientation or preceptorship is the introduction to your new career and job and may be long or short in duration.
Jennifer Thew, RN, HealthLeaders Media
The top concerns of nurse leaders are related to nurse recruitment, nurse retention, and nurse engagement.
A desire to inspire, cultivate and facilitate change has always driven me, whether as a nurse at my patient’s bedside or as a CEO in the boardroom.
Jonathan Bees, HealthLeaders Media
Factors such as engagement and leadership development play a larger role in nurse retention, HealthLeaders survey data shows.
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American Sentinel University
American Sentinel University offers an online, practiced-based Doctor of Nursing Practice. This ACEN accredited program is one of a few online programs that offers specializations in executive leadership, informatics leadership and educational leadership for nursing. With one of the lowest tuition rates among online schools, this program can be completed in just over two years. Learn more about what a specialized DNP can do for you and your career.
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Practice and Patient Care
Jennifer Thew, RN, HealthLeaders Media
Informal caregivers, postacute care connections, and direct care worker compensation can all influence patient outcomes positively.
Julia Quinn-Szcesuil, Minority Nurse
New nurse graduates have a lot on their plate.
Michele Wojciechowski, Daily Nurse
As nurses, it’s important to do everything possible to keep yourself as well as your patients safe.
Michele Wojciechowski, Daily Nurse
Some nurses work the day shift and others work the night shift. Then there’s an entirely different group who works both day and night: the swing-shift nurses.
Sallie Jimenez,
The Society for Vascular Surgery has released a list of six diabetes vascular complications and how to avoid them.
Baylor University - Louise Herrington School of Nursing
University of San Francisco
Education and Events
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Public Policy
Kelly Gooch, Becker's Hospital CFO
CMS seeks public input on how to improve the healthcare delivery system and the Medicare program.
WGU Texas
Members in the News
Olivia Nguyen, D Healthcare
Baylor Scott & White Health was recently recognized for eight of its nurses making the 2017 DFW Great 100 Nurses List.
Taylor Pittman, Huffington Post
A nurse at a children’s hospital in Fort Worth, Texas, is cheering up kids and normalizing their environment through his dry-erase art.
Healthcare Industry
Meg Bryant, Healthcare Dive
A majority of healthcare leaders think Congress will end up tweaking the Affordable Care Act to make it more palatable to Republicans, rather than replacing it outright, according to a new Venrock survey.
Chad Terhune, Kaiser Health News
In many ways, the health care industry has been a great friend to the U.S. economy.