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Houston, TX – December 13, 1017
Eric Myers is a Senior Industry Technical Consultant with Institutional Water Safety Services, an independent business group of Nalco Water, An Ecolab Company. Institutional Water Safety Services is a group of subject matter experts dedicated to the mission to prevent harm from waterborne pathogens such as Legionella and Pseudomonas associated with building water systems.

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April 8 – 11, 2018, The Westin Galleria, Dallas
Healthcare Facilities Managers consider Interlink to be one of the best and most affordable opportunities for learning and sharing in Texas. Interlink consistently delivers top-notch educational content, hours of continuing education credits, as well as ongoing opportunities to discuss emerging issues and best practices with colleagues, vendors, and consultants. Mark your calendars now for next year’s exciting multi-day event!

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LMC Fire & Security
Door Control Services Inc
Member Spotlight
The Texas Children’s Hospital won the 2017 Excellence in Health Care Facility Management Award for its Mission Control project. The Mission Control project strived to create a unified operations and communications hub to manage the movement of patients.

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Community IMPACT
Three medical facilities are under construction looking to bring a larger medical presence in Frisco. The new facilities are hoping to bring specialized care for the community along with bringing new jobs and having a positive impact on the economy.

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In an effort to improve access to quality medical care, Northwest Texas Healthcare System has partnered with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas. The partnership will go into effect on December 15 and allows BCBSTX members to receive in-network care at a variety of facilities.

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Absolute Testing Services
ParkMed, Inc.
Energy Roundup Tips
The Daily Sentinel
A new 63,000-square foot West Springs Hospital will incorporate rooftop-mounted solar panels which will cover about an eighth of the cost of electricity. An anonymous gift of $70,000 will give this hospital the means to save hundreds of dollars each month in electricity costs.

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When decorating for the holidays, more individuals are switching over to LED light bulbs in order to save money on electricity. The LED lights are able to cut costs for individuals and businesses by saving energy.

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Specified Technologies Inc.
Prevent Life Safety Services
ASHE Update
Successful health care systems put an emphasis on convenience-focused consumers by providing quality patient care in a quick, accessible way. Amazon is known to have made great strides in the shopping industry, and now other industries are following in its footsteps.

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The emergency management standards are being updated by the Joint Commission in order to reflect CMS requirements. The surveying of hospitals began on Nov. 15 and ASHE has all your updates.

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The 2018 Architecture for Health Showcase is now accepting applications. Celebrate your new construction project by applying now and get a chance to show off your newest renovation or construction project.

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The Filter Man, Ltd.
Prism Electric Inc
Your Facilities Management News
Health Facilities Management
A new 6,000-square-foot facility is underway in Southern California that will implement patient efficient solutions such as self-check-in, mobile GPS app and an Alexa app.

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ASHRAE Journal
Recent outbreaks of Legionnaire’s Disease has increased awareness and provided a need to review its causes and strategies for prevention. ASHRAE provides useful sources on reducing the risk of Legionellosis and presents a short video on making building water systems safer through regulation.

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Health Facilities Management
With technology constantly changing and updating, the basics of fire safety remain consistent. Safety layering is essential in regards to fire prevention and protection.

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The Week
Online tools that allow patients to access medical information, check doctor visits, test results and other data are becoming increasingly popular. The pros and cons of these patient portals are shared here!

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Leadership Thoughts
Leadership skills can be learned and the CEO of IBM shares his insight on he was able to turnover a large company from bankruptcy and motivate his workforce.

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Come along for a guided tour with Michael Bublé as he presents a holistic journey of BC Children’s Hospital.

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