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Events and Education
The Certified Healthcare Facility Manager (CHFM) program offered by the American Hospital Association Certification Center is one way that you can validate your knowledge in the profession and gain further recognition among your peers.
TAHFM's mission encourages professional development through support, education and collaboration. Looking to uphold these ideals, TAHFM and Sterling Barnett Little invite you to join us at the Sterling Barnett Little Suite at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington for the Texas Rangers vs. Oakland Athletics.
This course presents a business case for HFCx. A methodology is presented for developing a business plan that allows the health care organization’s executive leadership to evaluate the value and the return on investment of embracing the HFCx process.
The TAHFM Wack 'Em and Stack 'Em Sporting Clays Tournament allows us to support our mission to assist our membership in professional development through support, education and collaboration. All proceeds raised at this year's shoot will support our educational and technical assistance mission to assist our membership in affordable professional development. Proceeds from this tournament will provide facility manager scholarships to our Interlink 2016 educational conference.
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ASHE Update
ASHE.org Many ASHE members are receiving rejection notices on equivalencies because of a revamped process for submitting and approving equivalencies. The issue affects both traditional equivalencies and Fire Safety Evaluation System (FSES) submissions. This ASHE issue brief explains the issue and provides members with guidance on how to resubmit equivalency requests with the information needed for approval.
ASHE.org ASHE is working with several organizations with expertise in the health care facility management field as the Society seeks to expand member benefits and resources.
Patrick J. Andrus, CAE, Health Facilities Management Most states require health care facilities to comply with the Facility Guidelines Institute (FGI) Guidelines documents that outline minimum program, space and design requirements for clinical and support areas. The Guidelines are updated every four years, and currently the most widely adopted version is from 2010.
Energy Roundup Tips
Sara Schoen, Health Facilities Management In partnership with the Better Buildings Challenge, three hospitals diagnosed their energy use and prescribed new ways to improve patient care while saving energy.
Visit TAHFM's Energy Roundup Tips webpage for weekly tips to help you increase your building's energy efficiency. Even if you aren't participating in our Energy Challenge this year, it's still information you can use.
Lighting impacts every aspect of human health and performance. By bringing quality lighting into health care facilities, patients, visitors, and staff benefit while the facility’s bottom line improves. The ENCELIUM™ Energy Management System (EMS) was designed from the ground up as a software-based, integrated lighting control and energy management system that dynamically responds to the changing characteristics of a building by providing the right amount of light when and where required.
Thomas Jefferson University and Hospital (Jefferson) make up one of the largest health care groups in the Philadelphia region. With over 4 million square feet of clinical, research, teaching and housing property, Jefferson has an annual lighting energy bill representing approximately 15% of Jefferson’s total electricity costs – nearly $1.7 million per year.
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Your Facilities Management News
ASHE.org A fire at New York Methodist Hospital began in a trash chute. This issue brief gives guidance to ASHE members on issues related to trash chutes. Members can use this information to help inform hospital leadership about this issue or answer questions from those who may have seen reports about the fire.
Rick Ziegler PE, RRO, Greg Isaacs PE, Health Facilities Management Maintaining and preserving the building envelope is an important part of a successful operations program, especially for facilities with critical interior spaces.
Healthcare & Public Health Sector Coordinating Councils, Public Private Partnership It’s 6:00 a.m. You look out your office window and notice water is gushing from the street adjacent to your hospital. Emergency responders are on the scene. Meanwhile, your emergency department is currently operating at capacity, and you just learned the water pressure in the facility has started to decrease. What do you do?
Sean Martschinke, Facility Care A nursing home and rehab center in the San Jose, California, area hired a local interior designer to remodel its facility. The center’s management told the designer they wanted residents in the facility to have more of a "luxury experience" living there. "What they wanted was the look of an expensive floor but something that would provide longevity and cleanliness," said the designer. "Of course, the floors would have to endure frequent cleanings and we felt luxury vinyl wood and stone floors would hold up best."
Linda Goss, Facility Care Health-care-associated infections (HAIs) pose a constantly evolving threat to hospitalized patients, caregivers and, by extension, health care providers as a whole. This reality makes infection prevention the job of everyone in the hospital — not just the caregivers and infection prevention specialists.
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