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Events and Education
Pre-registration closes on March 24. Top reasons to attend: Grow your professional network! Obtain CEUs! Gain perspective on new standards, issues, and trends affecting the industry. See new products and services that can support your organization!
Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) for healthcare construction points to the significance of this problem and importance to understand the issue as it pertains to the professional. The student will gain an understanding of Joint Commission’s Environment of Care mandates.
Member Spotlight
Elections are open through March 27! Check out who is running and vote! Member login is required.
by Walt Grassl
Having employees who will improve themselves over and above the company-sponsored training is critical to an organization wanting to innovate and improve.
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ASHE Update
by Jamie Morgan
Leaders at Palomar Health set out to build a medical center that could be adapted to health care's ever-changing environment. Instead of designing hospitals to respond to the health care system of today, or even of tomorrow, hospital officials have to figure out how to design for the unknown.
Energy Roundup Tips
Join us in Houston at Interlink on March 30, 2015 for the TAHFM Energy Round Up Awards presentation which will recognize buildings and teams that were most successful at reducing energy consumption 2014 versus 2013!
Visit TAHFM's Energy Roundup Tips webpage for weekly tips to help you increase your building's energy efficiency. Even if you aren't participating in our Energy Challenge this year, it's still information you can use.
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Your Facilities Management News
By John Andrews
The reported cases of Ebola, and the hospital-acquired infections of medical staff treating it, has caused some to question whether the traditional hospital setting is ideally suited for the care of the world’s most dangerous diseases. Many hospital administrators are looking into the design of biocontainment patient care units, special facilities that apply the techniques of laboratory biocontainment to the clinical environment.
by Michael P. Davis

OSHA inspectors seldom give advance notice of their inspections, and companies frequently are surprised to find an inspector show up unannounced in the lobby, asking to see a work site. These unexpected visits can catch companies off guard, and the safety director and other senior managers may be off site or unavailable to monitor an inspection that could result in citations or fines. What should managers do when OSHA is in the lobby?

Originally published in Safety Matters, a publication of AGC of America. Reprinted with permission.
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