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October 6, 2016 American Shooting Centers, Houston TAHFM Is excited to announce our next, always fun, always popular, Whack 'Em and Stack 'Em Sporting Clays Tournament. Registration will begin at 12:00 pm, tournament to begin at 1:30 pm.
March 26 - 29, 2017 The Westin Houston, Memorial City, Houston, Texas
TAHFM has an online membership directory and resource guide, available to TAHFM members only. This Directory contains useful information about our committees and task forces, homecare and hospice showcase and the vendor marketplace.
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Member Spotlight
The Department of Energy's Southwest Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Technical Assistance Partnerships is providing no cost qualification screenings and project development assistance for CHP projects in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. These screenings are great for planning purposes for your plant. Combined heat and power, also known as cogeneration, provides both electric power and thermal energy (heat) from a single on-site source, such as a turbine or reciprocating engine. There is a lot of CHP potential at hospitals as they operate 24/7. The TAP also develops no cost webinars and presentations to provide education on how CHP can be used at hospitals. Please contact Gavin Dillingham, Director, to learn more about this screening. gdillingham@harcresearch.org
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Energy Roundup Tips
Robin R. Zoufalik, Facility Executive Achieving energy efficiency is a crucial aspect of facility management. Not only is it important for the environment and transitioning into a more sustainable society but, frankly, it’s also good for lowering costs.
Jeff Ferenc, Health Facilities Management As project manager and master electrician at acute care and surgical facility Reston Hospital Center, Reston, Va., Chris Cooper was frustrated by what he called "astronomical" electricity bills and excessive maintenance costs associated with the hospital’s parking garage lighting.
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ASHE Update
American Society for Healthcare Engineering ASHE is conducting a survey of health care facilities to collect operational characteristics and 2015 energy and water consumption data. The survey will quantify trends in energy and water use in health care facilities. All health care organizations are encouraged to participate. The deadline to complete your submission is October 14, 2016.
American Society for Healthcare Engineering The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has issued new emergency preparedness requirements for health care facilities that will require emergency plans; policies and procedures; a communication plan; and training and testing. The requirements will take effect in 60 days, and ASHE is currently preparing resources to help members manage this change.
Deanna Martin, American Society for Healthcare Engineering The Joint Commission is asking hospitals to use a new fire drill matrix to track when fire drills were conducted in an effort to ensure they comply with Joint Commission and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requirements to hold drills under various conditions (times and days).
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Your Facilities Management News
Bob Kehoe, Health Facilities Management Each fall, the American Hospital Association publishes its Environmental Scan, a succinct forecast of the major trends that will impact health care organizations in the coming year.
Jim Pianalto, Health Facilities Management Not many older hospitals have — or can afford to buy — the additional property for expansion, so they are forced to renovate and reconstruct the space they already have.
Vincent Della Donna, Healthcare Design As healthcare continues to move toward being a consumer-based service, focus has appropriately been placed on the experience and satisfaction of patients and families.
Zack Budryk, Fierce Healthcare Noise pollution in hospitals is considered an under-the-radar threat to patient safety, but experts are working to design the hospital of the future--a silent one.
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