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February 4–5, Fort Worth Dubbed "the stamp of approval" by many employers, the ASHE Health Care Construction (HCC) Certificate proves to health care organizations that you have been properly trained to work in a health care construction environment—making you the desirable candidate for the job.
February 18, 2016 This class meets the continuing education requirements for Journeyman, Master Electricians, and Electricians. To be eligible for renewal of a Journeyman, Master Electrician, or Electrician license, the individual must have completed at least four hours of approved continuing education each year prior to the expiration date the of the license. (4 hours of CE every year). The 4 hour approved course must focus on the 2011 NEC Code as adopted under Section 1305.101, safety (NFPA 70E) and Texas state laws and rules that regulate the conduct of license holders under this chapter.
April 3–6, 2016, Westin Galleria Dallas Health care facilities managers consider Interlink to be one of the best and most affordable opportunities for learning and sharing in Texas. Interlink consistently delivers top-notch educational content, hours of continuing education credits, as well as ongoing opportunities to discuss emerging issues and best practices with colleagues, vendors, and consultants. Register Today!
June 30 – July 1, Houston The CHC certification exam is based on practical experience and knowledge you may have gained academically as well as on the job. Designed to give you the tools for passing the Certified Health Care Constructor (CHC) Exam, this course provides test taking tips, key topics, and sample questions identified in the CHC content outline (as listed in the CHC Candidate Handbook). This course will also use interactive polling technology, allowing each participant to answer questions and compare their answer with averages among those in class.
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Member Spotlight
Laura Furr, Web Editor, Houston Business Journal CHI St. Luke’s Health has named Jenny Barnett-Sarpalius as CFO of the Texas division, effective immediately.
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Energy Roundup Tips
We’re starting a new year and it’s time to update your data for the 2015 TAHFM Energy Round Up to see the final results! All data must be updated by February 29, 2016. Results for the Energy Roundup and the Texas/Ohio Challenge will be announced at TAHFM Interlink 2016.
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ASHE Update
American Society for Healthcare Engineering ASHE’s new On Demand Learning pages offers free webinar and conference recordings to members on a variety of subjects.
American Society for Healthcare Engineering The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently issued a Survey and Certification Memo announcing a three-year pilot project to improve the assessment of infection control and prevention regulations in hospitals and nursing homes.
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Your Facilities Management News
David L. Stymiest, PE, CHFM, CHSP, FASHE, Health Facilities Management The physical environment of care compliance hot topics for 2016 spans a wide variety of issues, from the most commonly cited areas to recent or anticipated changes in authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) requirements.
Jeff Ferenc, Health Facilities Management When John Dougherty took over duties as the director of security at Trinitas Regional Medical Center, Elizabeth, N.J., he became aware that some staff were particularly vulnerable to workplace violence.
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