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Generally Speaking
There are only a handful of weeks left in the Texas legislative session. Three bills—HB 3024, HB 1649 and HB 3206—have been passed by committee and are in the calendars committee to be scheduled for house consideration. One bill pertains to permitting a DC to remove a student athlete suspected of having a concussion from UIL activity. Another would prevent insurance companies from extrapolating from insurance claim audits and applying results to other claims. The final bill would authorize DCs to serve on the Combative Sports Advisory Board at the Department of Licensing and Regulation.
We are proud to welcome the legendary Dan Murphy, DC, DABCO, as a featured speaker at Chiro Texpo ’17, TCA’s annual convention on June 9-11 at the Hyatt Regency Dallas. With nearly four decades of practice experience, Dr. Murphy has taught more than 1,600 continuing education seminars in the U.S. and around the world, he is a prolific author and has won numerous awards. At Chiro Texpo ’17, Dr. Murphy will present three sessions: Concepts on Prolonging the Health Span (4 CE hours) – Sponsored by Nutri-West of Texas; Practical Applications for Low-Level Laser Hormesis (4 CE hours) – Sponsored by Erchonia; and Understanding Whiplash Mechanics and the Relationship with Minor Impact Collisions (2 CE hours). Don’t miss this opportunity to hear one of the profession’s premier speakers!
With nearly a billion websites on the internet today, the competition for top rankings on Google is fierce. Register now for this short webinar to learn the strategies that will help your practice get the most out of its website and bring more new patients to the door. Don’t miss the free webinar from TCA Friend of Chiropractic Sponsor Online Chiro,Personalize and Rise: 4 Ways To Rank Higher On Google, at 1 p.m. CST Tuesday, April 25.
Here is some news to share with the public. Two FDA advisory committees have declared that over-the-counter (OTC) analgesic-antacid combinations are not a "rational" treatment for minor stomach issues. Members also expressed concern about using OTC products to treat hangovers.
Studies published in JAMA have demonstrated "the preponderance of evidence suggests that physicians have a limited ability to accurately self-assess." Because of this questionable judgement, there is a movement arising to call for mandatory assessment of older physicians.
The countdown is on ... only five weeks are left in the 85th Texas Legislative Session, the biggest for the chiropractic profession in decades. Join TCA President Dr. Tyce Hergert, and TCA’s lobbyists, Kaden Norton and Josh Massingill, at 7:30 p.m. CST on Thursday, May 4, for an up-to-the-minute update on next month’s TCA Virtual Town Hall Meeting, The Final Countdown – 2017 Texas Legislative Session Update. Find out the latest on the Sunset bills (SB 304 and HB 2547), which could impact your right to diagnose. Get a full report on TCA’s core bills and others that could directly impact the future of chiropractic. REGISTER NOW.
Nominations for the 2017 Keeler Plaque are due by May 17. The Keeler Plaque is the Texas Chiropractic Association’s award designating the Chiropractor of the year.
Deadline for nominations for the 2017 Young Chiropractor of the Year is May 17. For those who are under 40 years of age, or fewer than 10 years in chiropractic practice.
Naylor Association Solutions
Recently, House Republicans and the Trump Administration withdrew their bill to replace the Affordable Care Act when it became clear that they had not garnered enough votes to pass the controversial measure. Here is a compilation of news reports explaining the ill fated American Health Care Act.
An avalanche of paperwork may be destroying the doctor-patient relationship and driving some doctors out of practice. The American College of Physicians is demanding an end to it.
The newly signed Presidential executive order notes that "it shall be the policy of the executive branch to combat the scourge of drug abuse, addiction, and overdose (drug addiction), including opioid abuse, addiction, and overdose (opioid crisis)." It further describes this as a public health crisis, and calls for reporting on best practices for addiction prevention, including healthcare provider education.
Chiropractic News
The Journal of the American Medical Association adds to a growing body of recent research supporting the use of spinal manipulative therapy as a first-line treatment for acute low back pain. Researchers found that spinal manipulation was associated with statistically significant improvements in pain and function for up to six weeks with no serious adverse side effects.
Doctors of chiropractic treating veterans through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ Veterans Choice Program (VCP) have been receiving letters that the VCP is scheduled to expire, however, with an additional $1 billion in dedicated funding remaining in the program, legislation was introduced to eliminate the August 2017 sunset date.
Clinical & Research
This study found small baseline differences in older people with chronic LBP compared to middle-aged and younger adults. Older adults present with slightly less intense low back pain but slightly more intense leg pain.
Want to know what is expected of a chiropractic pediatrician? The purpose of this study was to develop an outline of the minimum core competencies expected from a certified pediatric doctor of chiropractic.
Business Development
A recent report encourages improved management of scientific research, calling for all involved in performing, managing, funding, and communicating research to commit to improving practices.
Take note that the government has issued new ABN forms. Nothing has really changed on the form but the expiration date, but you must use the new form effective June 21, 2017.
A contract has been awarded to a "Best Practices Academy" to help small practices in several northern states to prepare for the new quality payment program of MACRA.
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