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Generally Speaking
Patch Adams is going to be at TCA’s Chiro Texo ’17, not to mention several hundred doctors of chiropractic from Texas and surrounding states. Will you be there?

Chiro Texpo ’17, the chiropractic event of the year in Texas, is coming up June 9-11 at the Hyatt Regency Dallas. Adams, the inspiration behind the 1998 film, will headline an elite line-up of speakers that includes Dan Murphy, DC.Register online or call the TCA office at (512) 477-9292.
On Wednesday, April 5th, Senate Bill 304, the Sunset bill for the Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners, passed the Texas Senate unanimously. The bill clarifies that the practice of chiropractic includes the authority of Doctors of Chiropractic to diagnose the biomechanical condition of the spine and musculoskeletal system, and other positive results. SB 304 has been sent to the Texas House of Representatives, where it will likely be considered in the next few weeks.
Sign up today for the TCA Savings Program to take advantage of group discounts off products and services you use. In addition to discounts on office products from The Office Depot, TCA has negotiated price breaks on background checks through Sterling Talent Solutions, accounting services through and express/ground shipping with FedEx. Contact Member Care at or (888) 868-4030.
The HHS OIG Hotline telephone number is being used as part of a telephone spoofing scam targeting individuals throughout the country. Scammers represent themselves as HHS OIG Hotline employees. The perpetrator may use various tactics to obtain or verify the victim's personal information, which can then be used to steal money from an individual's bank account or for other fraudulent activity.
There were 35 disciplinary actions reported by the Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners (TBCE) since their last reporting. 54 percent were for expired licenses, 26 percent for lack of diligence, failure to respond to the board, or unregistered facilities, 23 percent were for expired facility registration. Almost 63 percent resulted in cease and desist orders, around 20 to 30 percent required further testing, and nearly 9 percent received either a $250 or a $1500 fine.
A regular meeting of the Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners was held on February 16, 2017. The Board voted to amend two rules effective June 1, 2017. Rule 78.1 now more clearly distinguishes violations that constitute unprofessional conduct. Rule 78.10(b) reorganizes the violations of the sanctions table into categories based on risk of harm to the public.
The president of the Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners shares some important information for you to remember.
Nominations for the 2017 Keeler Plaque are due by May 17. The Keeler Plaque is the Texas Chiropractic Association’s award designating the Chiropractor of the year.
Naylor Association Solutions
This study indicates that almost thirty percent of children utilize complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). 24.6 percent of children had some form of pain in the past year, and 21.3 percent of them utilized CAM. Another 8.1 percent without pain conditions utilized CAM.
The United States is poised at a critical juncture in health and healthcare. While policymakers debate national healthcare, the National Academy of Medicine released a report calling for providers to help develop value-based care measures and other suggestions.
The ACA has approved new policy guidelines. They have revised, reaffirmed and retired others.
Chiropractic News
Women in chiropractic leadership have not been as prevalent as they could be. Here is a brief look at this topic, why it occurs, and some steps to improve the participation of female leaders.
Closed-minded US Coast Guard medical advisory committee members have closed the possibility that DCs could perform certification examinations for merchant mariners.
Chiropractors are primarily concerned with musculoskeletal disorders, but they also have a responsibility to deal with primary prevention. This study found that the number of DCs with a positive opinion of primary prevention was greater than the number actually offering these services. Despite the readiness of the profession to offer them, only a small proportion of chiropractic patients consult DCs for primary prevention services.
Clinical & Research
The AMA has defined obesity as a disease. Some Canadian experts propose a change to the definition of the disease of obesity to make it more realistic.
Exercise and psychological interventions, or a combination of the two, improved cancer-related fatigue during and after primary treatment, whereas pharmaceutical interventions did not.
Business Development
As an organizational member of the F4CP, the TCA brings you the latest opportunities from the F4CP. Check out the chiropractic press briefing at the National Press Club and the new F4CP button for your website.
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