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The Texas Sunset Advisory Commission will recommend to the Texas Legislature to add the word "diagnose" to the Chiropractic Act as a clarification of what a chiropractic doctor is authorized to do within the scope of chiropractic practice. This report lists excerpts and highlights issues from the Staff Report.
The TCA and chiropractic won round one during the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission’s review of the Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners (TBCE) last week, but the battle is far from over, and clarifying the Chiropractic Act will require approval from the Texas Legislature. There is still plenty of work to be done, and TCA needs you to make that happen! Join us at the 2017 Texas Chiropractic Legislative Conference (TCLC) on Feb. 9-11 in Austin. It is the single most important event of the year for chiropractic in Texas. It’s our chance to Take the Capitol by Storm for Chiropractic! Register online today!
The ACA reports on what the 2016 elections mean to the chiropractic profession in 2017.
In the last election emotions played a large part. The same is occurring in the healthcare industries. Will it lead to a new healthcare revolution as well?
Registration is now open for TCA’s Mid-Winter Conference in Lubbock. An annual Panhandle tradition, the event returns on Feb. 24-26 to the Overton Hotel & Conference Center. Earn all 16 CE hours in one place and learn from national experts such as Dr. Steve Yeomans, who just confirmed as a speaker. Bring along your CA and office staff for training and team-building and take advantage of networking with your chiropractic peers and vendors.
Risk management is no longer limited to just malpractice claims. It also includes your financial policy. There is now a greater risk of financial loss due to improper discounting and faulty financial and collection policies that ever before. Get all the details in Risky Business: Texas, a FREE webinar for Texas DCs and staff brought to you by TCA Friend of Chiropractic Sponsor ChiroHealthUSA, at 1:15 p.m. CST Wednesday, March 8.
The premier national chiropractic event of 2017 will take place March 15-18 in Washington, D.C. at DC2017. Register by Jan. 15, and save $100 off the full rate. Impact Spinal Health will bring together a world-class selection of education programs, thought leaders and corporate supporters. More about the program is reported in this article.
Keeping Your Table in Tip-Top Shape
Pivotal Health Solutions
Here at Pivotal Health Solutions, we are passionate about proper care and maintenance of your PHS state-of-the-art chiropractic table. With a rock-solid maintenance program and the durable construction of our tables, your Pivotal Health Solutions Chiropractic table will be reliable for many years to come.
Using $7.5 million in annual funding from the Texas Legislature, researchers are launching a statewide concussion surveillance project in Texas to report and track concussion injuries in school children.
Already introduced for the 85th Texas Legislature are bills that would 1) call for a report by the secretary of state summarizing each legislative act granting rule-making authority and the full text of any rule adopted under the rule making authority granted; 2) disqualifying someone from unemployment compensation benefits who provides advanced resignation notice but is terminated prior to the effective date of resignation; and more bills as well.
Access 2 Integration
While requiring that HIPAA-covered entities be notified via email, the HHS has announced a phishing scam using official HHS letterhead and signatures.
In yet another example of the medical community considering themselves above the rules, this government task force openly admits that they have not followed their own charter for 32 years.
America boasts of the "best health system in the world." The facts demonstrate otherwise. A recent study demonstrates that almost half of the poorest U.S. adults can't get the care they need and the U.S. isn't even in the top 10. Americans are much sicker and more likely than others to go without recommended healthcare, fail to fill a prescription or avoid the doctor when sick because of costs.
Some 600 physicians signed an open letter to Trump before the election calling him a threat to healthcare. They have since struck a more conciliatory tone but still consider him to be an ongoing threat.
Chiropractic, the largest and most recognized of the complementary and alternative professions, is licensed in all 50 states. The United States does not have a unified scope of practice for most healthcare professionals. The only healthcare professionals that have a unified scope of practice across state lines are medical doctors and doctors of osteopathy.
Half of all sports and recreation injuries are seen in the doctor's office and not in the ER.
Representative Tom Price, MD, has been chosen by President-Elect Trump to head the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Seema Verma, president of a national health policy consulting company, has been named to administrate CMS.
Drucker Labs
PEMF / The Edwards Group
Chiropractic News
This study looked at three randomized control trials and determined that moderate-level evidence supports the immediate effectiveness of cervical spine manipulation in treating people with cervical radiculopathy.
Society confers cultural authority and identities onto professions. Spine care is the common denominator and theme throughout all aspects of chiropractic practice, legislation, and education globally.
Proven Pain Relief Backed By Clinical Trials
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Greens First
Greens First
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Business Development
A federal judge has blocked a Department of Labor rule on overtime pay that made more than 4 million private-sector workers eligible for mandatory extra pay or time off.
When you wake up each morning you are standing at the tipping point of your day. One way tips you into a wonderful day filled with good things, and the other tips you into a day filled with problems.
Hands-On Courses Offer a Better Learning Experience
Southeast Sports Seminars
Our goal is simpleā€”to teach you skills you can use implement into practice immediately. Our cutting-edge, hands-on classes are designed to keep you on the forefront of treatment; with instructors that have years of experience in their respective fields. Don't just take our word for it, click below.



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