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The Importance of Membership
Membership is the cornerstone of any professional association, and it’s particularly important to the Texas Chiropractic Association. In fact, membership accounts for nearly half of TCA’s annual revenue. Your annual dues allow TCA to service you as a member and, more importantly, make it possible for the TCA team to protect the chiropractic profession that we all cherish.

Did you know that, of the more than 5,300 licensed doctors in Texas, less than half belong to their state association? Clearly, we have some work to do as a profession. For those who are TCA members, thank you for supporting TCA. For those who aren’t members, what are you waiting for? Become a TCA member today!

Here are just a few tangible benefits you’ll receive as a TCA member...
Monday, Feb. 15, is the deadline for early registration and the deadline to get the TCA Mid-Winter rate at the Overton Hotel & Conference Center. View the schedule here!
The 2016-17 executive officers for the TCA will be: President – Tyce Hergert, DC, Southlake; Vice President – Max Vige, DC, League City; Secretary/Treasurer – Devin Pettiet, DC, Tomball.
Access the newly redesigned and better-than-ever Winter 2016 issue online!
The Texas Chiropractic Association is excited to announce its partnership with CE online provider CCEDSEMINARS.
Registration is now open for Chiro Texpo ’16, TCA’s annual convention, on June 10-12 at the Arlington Convention Center. We’re finalizing details, but make your plans now to attend the premier health and wellness conference in Texas.
The ubiquitous white coat of the medical profession is coming to be questioned as a "medical uniform." With more than half of physicians laundering their coats monthly, or never, this article reports on the state of this "medical uniform."
Pivotal Health Solutions
Zika is spread to people primarily through the bite of an infected Aedes species mosquito, an aggressive daytime biter. A person in Texas has become infected with the Zika virus after having sexual contact with an infected person returning from a country where the virus is present.
Access 2 Integration
Calendar of Events
Concussions are a big concern for all athletes – from pro athletes to weekend warriors! Learn everything you ever wanted to know about concussions at TCA’s upcoming seminar, Concussion – From the Pros to the Joes. Kelly Ryder, DC, ART, CCSP, one of the nation’s foremost authorities on concussions, will teach workshops on Saturday, March 5, in Austin and Saturday, April 2, in Houston.

Feb. 13–14: Austin, Personal Injury,Collum

Feb. 18: Austin, TBCE Board Meeting,1 p.m., Hobby Bldg., Tower 2, Room 225

Feb. 20–21: Houston, Becoming Musculoskeletal Specialist Jangle/NES

Feb. 20–21: Austin, 2016 TBCE Class,Ces Soyring, BA, and Lanny Brustein, DC

Feb. 26–28: Lubbock, TCA Mid–Winter Conference, Overton Hotel & Conference Center

Feb. 27–28: Dallas, Personal Injury,Collum

March 5: Austin, Sports Chiropractic Workshop: Concussion – From the Pros to the Joes

March 5–6: Round Rock,ICD10 Diagnosis Coding, Kirsch

March 5–6: Austin, Becoming Musculoskeletal Specialist,Jangle/NES

March 5–6: Houston, Personal Injury,Collum

March 12–13: San Antonio, Personal Injury,Collum

See more events here.

With the recent death of a young celebrity via stroke, people are quick to blame chiropractic. Here are the apparent facts of the matter.
The only medical doctor in the United States to be convicted of murder for recklessly prescribing drugs has been sentenced to 30-years-to-life in prison for murder in connection with the overdose deaths of three of her patients.
Three-thousand more people died in 2014 than in previous years. Sixty-one percent of these deaths involved opioid drugs and the synthetic opioids such as oxycodone and hydrocodone.
$195 million is already in place for this year. He will ask Congress for an additional $755 million in the 2017 budget seeking to boost spending on immunotherapy – a type of cancer treatment designed to boost the body’s natural defenses to fight the cancer. Dare we ask if the investigation of chiropractic might be included?
Genetic factors alone are not the only driver in developing cancer. Producing a healthy wellness habit is demonstrated to mitigate cancer chances. This study notes that cancer is overwhelmingly a result of environmental factors and not largely just genetic bad luck.
Drucker Labs
PEMF / The Edwards Group
Chiropractic News
While we all know that there are those who are "anti-chiropractic," a "competitor" states that it will communicate with large insurance companies to disparage "non-physician" providers.
Organized medicine will never consider you to be a physician because you have not graduated from one of their medical or osteopathic schools. Such discrimination and disincentives are but some of the reasons why you must be an active member in your professional trade associations.
An update to an evidence-based clinical practice guideline on chiropractic management of low-back pain has been published.
For those who discount chiropractic as a musculoskeletal-only profession, this study demonstrates that the area of the spine adjusted may have effect on visceral as well as musculoskeletal health.
Clinical & Research
Phosphorus consumed either in foods or as a dietary supplement may contribute to decreased body weight, BMI, waist circumference and reduce appetite.
Women who gained a large amount of weight between pregnancies were at increased risk for infant death and stillbirth.
This study demonstrates when to be wary of back pain in adolescents.
While it is largely presumed that there are no warning signs of cardiac arrest, this study indicates that there are indeed warning symptoms prior to a cardiac arrest event in a large percentage of patients in the days and even weeks before the event. Be aware.
Exercise combined with education is more beneficial for low back pain than just exercise alone. Teach your patients.
Greens First
From the Insurance Industry
It has been argued that high-deductible insurance plans would make healthcare consumers smarter shoppers as they sought to maximize their healthcare dollar. A new study, however, indicates that people in high-deductible plans were no more than 1 percent likely to shop around for better prices on healthcare.



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