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From the Current Issue of SPRAYFOAM PROFESSIONAL Magazine
The spring issue of SPRAYFOAM Professional was mailed and is also online! If you want to be sure your inbox is on our email distribution list for future issues, sign up for the digital version below. Some of the topics in this issue include:

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It is never too early to plan for next year!
Event: Sprayfoam 2016
Date: February 8-11, 2016
Location: Rosen Centre, Orlando, Fla.

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Industry News and Announcements
>>CEO: MaterialScience Sale to Help Bayer Refocus
>>2015 ENERGY STAR Award Winners
>>European Environment State and Outlook 2015
>>State Energy Program, Energy Efficient Housing Demand, Certified Home Energy Auditors
>>2015 Race to Zero Competition Wraps Up April 18-20
>>Building America Building Science Translator Published
>>Sprayfoam Insulation Used During Restoration of Building at University of Toronto
>>Better Buildings Summit, May 27-29
>>What Have You Done For EE Lately? Updates from the Building Technology Office
>>Study Finds That OSHA Underestimated Cost of Silica Rule by $4.5 Billion a Year

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SPFA News and Announcements
>>Dr. Richard Duncan, SPFA Technical Director, to Host "Intro to SPF" Webinar in April
>>SPFA Sponsors DOE's Race to Zero Student Design Competition; Award Ceremony Is in April
>>California DTSC Corrects Misinformation About SPF
>>SPFA Forms Marketing Committee
>>SPFA's Board Members

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The Contractor Industry Excellence Awards recognize SPFA contractor members’ exceptional accomplishments for the quality of their work, the uniqueness of the project, speed of application, superiority of polyurethane, ability of foam to conform to unusual/irregular surfaces, and special safety considerations. The winners were revealed and recognized during the 10th Annual Contractor Awards Luncheon at Sprayfoam 2015.

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"We tried to build it and hoped they’d come. And they did!" said SPFA Executive Director Kurt Riesenberg during the General Session at Sprayfoam 2015, which experienced record-setting numbers this year, especially in the breakout sessions. Slides from the presentations and breakout sessions have been uploaded to the SPFA website, www.sprayfoam.org/expo, and the sessions with the highest attendance will be featured in upcoming issues of SPRAYFOAM Professional magazine.

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Foam Supplies, Inc.
SPFA Membership
>>SPFA Hosts First 2015 Foam-It-Right Campaign Webinar Series for Members Only
>>2015 Is the Year of SPFA Membership Growth
>>2014-15 SPFA Membership Directory and Buyers' Guide
>>SPFA Member Benefits

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Specialty Products, Inc. (SPI)
Federal/State Government News
The State Net Capitol Journal contains timely and pertinent information for almost every business owner in every state. Read up on Budget & Taxes, Politics & Leadership, Governors, Bird's Eye View, Hot Issues, and Once Around the Statehouse Lightly.
Volume XXIII, No. 10
April 6, 2015

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Federal Activities
>>Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act Reintroduced in Senate
>>Representatives Blackburn and Schrader Reintroduce Energy Savings and Building Efficiency Act
>>Senators Reintroduce Bipartisan Legislation Promoting State Energy Efficiency and Weatherization Assistance
>>Proposed Rule Issued by DOE for Test Procedures for Residential Furnaces and Boilers
>>DOE Releases Correction on Final Rule for Energy Conservation Standards for Certain Commercial Heating, Air Conditioning, and Water Heating Equipment
>>Federal Committee Will Meet to Develop Standards and Test Procedures for Residential Appliances and Commercial Equipment

GGAC Regional and Chapter Activities
>>Survey on Energy Modeling Software
>>Illinois Budget Proposal Recommends Elimination of Energy Efficiency Programs
>>Utah Code Change Legislation Passes State House
>>City of Chicago Releases Benchmarking Data

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C.J. Spray, Inc.
SPFA Training & Certification
>>Updated Insulation and Roofing Certification Handbooks Posted to Website
>>Upcoming Training Dates

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Naylor Association Solutions
Marketing & Industry Promotion
Source: bpi.org / Peter Troast
Companies that embrace whole house home performance are inherently good at measurement. We use measurement science to help us determine the right set of fixes for homes, and the right order to implement them.

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Source: nahb.org
During New Homes Month in April, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) is showing how new homes increasingly offer the energy-efficient features home buyers seek. Surveys indicate that efficiency is among the most-wanted features of home buyers and that builders are responding to this demand.

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SPFA Member News & Services
The No. 7 FOAMETIX® Chevrolet Corvette C7.R, driven by sportscar specialist Claudio Burtin, came in 7th at the season opener for the Trans Am series Championship at Sebring (FL) International Raceway. "The race went pretty good this weekend here at Sebring," said driver Claudio Burtin about the 100-mile, 75-minute FOAMETIX® race. "We had a lot of yellow flag laps but there really wasn’t as much traffic as I thought there would be. Toward the end of the race the tires started to wear as we were fighting hard to keep that Top 5 position but had contact and were able to pick it back up. We are going to work on engine development now and look forward to the next round in Homestead."

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Global Specialty Products USA, Inc., a U.S. based manufacturer, has launched its world-wide distribution plan to enter into a distribution agreement with a number of domestic and international distributors.The plan entails the rights to distribute and resell its environmentally safe, reduced VOC, non-hazardous flushing and immersion cleaning products for the removal of liquid, semi-cured or cured isocyanate, polyurea and polyurethane spray equipment.

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Gaco Western's new GacoProFill is the first open cell foam in the United States to be awarded UL Environment's GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD Gold Certifications. GacoProFill has been tested and certified to be in compliance with stringent chemical emissions standards set by UL Environment, which are among the world's most rigorous, third-party chemical emissions standards in the world.

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SPF-Related Codes & Standards
>>Building Codes Assistance Project Updates on Building Energy Codes

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Energy & Advocacy News
>>Global Energy-Related Emissions of Carbon Dioxide Stalled in 2014
>>U.S. DOE Building America Update

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Did You Know
As an SPFA member you are entitled to complimentary use within your whole company of the SPFA Contractor Safety Kit, a hefty document with compliance and record keeping resources, fillable forms, and more to aid you in preparation for an OSHA visit or just for keeping your folks safe.

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Current Call to Action
>>Over $35K Available for Fla. Students Pursuing Careers in Building, Construction -- Due April 20
>>Revision of ASHRAE IAQ Guideline Open for Public Comment -- Due May 11
>>Do You Want Your Big Idea for Building Energy Efficiency to Become a Reality?

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See what's in store, as far as industry events, expos, training classes, online courses, certification programs and more.

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Business Trends
>>The Benefits and Hazards of Working in a Family Business
>>Online Course: Financing Options for Small Businesses
>>What Do You Think? Increasing Mentor-Protégé Opportunities for All Small Businesses

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