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From the Current Issue of SPRAYFOAM PROFESSIONAL Magazine
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Industry News and Announcements
>>Sprayfoam Industry Mourns Loss of Pioneer, Terry Mayfield
>>ASHRAE, IAQA Sign Memorandum of Understanding
>>Alliance Board Adds Leaders from Across Energy Sector
>>Building Science Experts' Session - Dec. 11-12
>>BPI Announces National Rollout of Advanced HEP Certifications
>>Sonderhoff Mixing and Dosing System with Siemens Motion Control Debuts
>>New Pneumatic Operated Spray Gun Is Based on Impingement Mixing Technique
>>Building Analyst Certification Upgrade

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Foam Supplies, Inc.
SPFA News and Announcements
>>SPFA Committee Updates
>>SPFA Presents at the Center for the Polyurethanes Industry Annual Conference
>>SPFA Commits Resources on Sprayfoam to Homebuilders
>>Start Planning for SprayFoam Convention & Expo, Jan. 26-29, 2014

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Icynene, Inc.
SPFA Membership
>>SPFA Publishes New Membership Brochure
>>SPFA 2013-2014 Membership Directory and Buyers' Guide
>>SPFA 2013 National Contractor Excellence Award Winning Projects
>>SPFA Member Benefits

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Naylor, LLC
Federal/State Government News
>>ASHRAE Now Seeking College Student Applicants for Summer Public Policy & Engineering Internship in Washington, DC
>>Sen. Coburn Calls for Creation of Federal Green Buildings Czar
>>Ready, Set, Wait for Landmark Energy Efficiency Bill

ASHRAE's Government Affairs Update details information on government affairs-related activities of interest to ASHRAE members and others interested in the built environment. For questions or more information, contact Mark Ames, ASHRAE's Senior Manager of Federal Government Affairs, at mames@ashrae.org.

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C.J. Spray, Inc.
SPFA Training & Certification
SPFA Professional Certification Program (PCP) is pleased to announce upcoming SPFA PCP Exam Preparatory Courses, Written Examinations and Field Examinations. New locations are frequently added, so be sure to check www.sprayfoam.org Certification Calendar of Events for the most complete list!

>>November/December SPFA PCP Exam Preparatory Courses, Written Examinations and Field Examinations
>>Spray Foam Coalition Supports SPFA Professional Certification Program

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Health & Safety
>>US Department of Labor's OSHA Cites JMA Roofing After Worker Falls from Roof
>>OSHA Releases New Resources to Better Protect Workers from Hazardous Chemicals
>>ACC Offers Recommendations to Improve New Worker Safety Tools Released by OSHA

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Marketing & Industry Promotion
>>Why HERS Rated Energy Efficient Homes Are Better!

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SPFA Member News & Services
Honeywell announced that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has added Solstice™ Liquid Blowing Agent, also known as 1233zd, to the list of materials exempted from volatile organic compound (VOC) regulations.

Visit http://www.honeywell-blowingagents.com/?press_release=honeywells-solstice-liquid-blowing-agent-receives-highest-hail-resistance-rating-from-leading-building-insurer to view the full article online.

Huntsman Corporation announced the publication of its 2012 sustainability report, titled Conversations About Sustainability. The report is viewable on the Huntsman website and can be downloaded in pdf format. Printed copies also are available upon request from sustainability@huntsman.com.

Visit http://www.huntsman.com/corporate/Applications/itemrenderer?p_rendertitle=no&p_renderdate=no&p_renderteaser=no&p_item_id=936073426&p_item_caid=1123 to view the full article online.

Source: gupta-verlag.com
Graco Inc. and its integrated Reactor proportioner took silver in the "Best New Product or Service for Industrial Products & Services" category in "The 2013 American Business Awards" at an awards ceremony in San Francisco.

Visit http://www.gupta-verlag.com/polyurethanes/news/wirtschaft/13521/Graco-receives-silver-Stevie-Award-for-integrated-Reactor-proportioning-system to view the full article online.


SPF-Related Codes & Standards
>>ASHRAE/IES Publish 2013 Energy Standard: Changes for Envelope, Lighting, Mechanical Sections
>>Builders and Efficiency Advocates Reach 2015 International Energy Conservation Code Change Agreement
>>ICC Illustrated IBC Handbook Helps Professionals Better Understand Code Application, Compliance
>>Ventilation for New Low-Rise Residential Buildings
>>BPI's Home Performance-Related Data Standards Published as BPI Standards
>>The Building Codes Assistance Project Updates on Building Energy Codes

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Energy & Advocacy News
>>Alliance to Save Energy Efficiency News

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Did You Know
The State Net Capitol Journal contains timely and pertinent information for almost every business owner in every state. Read up on Health Reform, Budget & Taxes, Politics & Leadership, Governors, Bird's Eye View, Hot Issues, and Once Around the Statehouse Lightly.

Volume XXI, No. 33
Nov. 4, 2013

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Current Call to Action
>>BPI's Home Energy Auditing Standard and Standard Practice for Basic Analysis of Buildings Released for Public Comment
>>ASHRAE/IBPSA-USA Building Simulation Conference Announces Call for Presenters
>>NAHB/Builders Mutual Insurance Company SAFE Awards Now Accepting Entries
>>CPI Seeking Papers, Posters for the 2014 Polyurethanes Technical Conference

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See what's in store, as far as industry events, expos, training classes, online courses, certification programs and more.

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Business Trends
The 2014 CES is the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies and is scheduled to run January 7-10, 2014, in Las Vegas. Mixing style, sensors and connectivity, WristRevolution features wristwatches that double as a music player, health monitor, alert and message indicator and more.

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The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)® released the 2014 edition of Five Technology Trends to Watch, an annual publication that examines five prominent technology trends that will influence the consumer electronics (CE) industry in the years ahead. The publication was released during a panel discussion at CEA’s Industry Forum in Los Angeles, a three-day conference designed to inform and connect CE industry leaders.

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