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International Fireproof Technology Inc.
From the Current Issue of SPRAYFOAM PROFESSIONAL Magazine
With the busy convention and trade show season of the spring, it’s never too early to start planning your attendance at the Sprayfoam Show – SPFA’s Annual Convention and Expo! SPFA will be hosting the show for a growing and engaged number of attendees at the downtown Mobile, Alabama Convention Center, January 29 – February 1, 2018.

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The summer issue of SPRAYFOAM Professional has been mailed and emailed! If you didn't receive it in your inbox or mailbox and would like to be on our email list to receive the digital link, sign up here.
Be sure to read this quarter's feature article, "West Roofing Systems Rehabs an Abandoned Steel Mill,", which looks at West Roofing Systems, Inc.'s SPFA Award-winning rehabilitation and expansion of the Ferrolux Gibraltar Facility. Read all of this and more in the summer Issue of SPRAYFOAM Professional

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SPFA Safety Committee hosted a members-only bi-monthly "Foam-It-Right"® Safety Webinar. The topic was Mobile Work Platforms, presented by Tom Farrelly, American Aerial Equipment. This presentation provided general guidance related to types of equipment, OSHA regulations, safety inspections, and hazards related proper use of boom lifts, scissor lifts and manual lifts. The attendees were treated to a surprisingly diverse presentation, and SPFA PCP certified professionals were able to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) toward their recertification requirements. The webinar was recorded and will be added in the next two weeks to the member-only section of the SPFA website for later viewing. Please direct questions on this topic, or if you have other suggestions for consideration for future webinar topics, to SPFA Technical Director Dr. Rick Duncan
Industry News and Announcements
>> Latin America, Middle East and African Insulation Materials Market Expected to Reach $3,330 Million, Globally, by 2023
>> Ultimate Linings Introduces Polyurethane Spray Foam Product Line for Foundation Lifting and Repairs
>> Cladding in London High-Rise Fire Also Blamed for 2014 Melbourne Blaze
>> Possible SPF Industry Opportunity? CA Bay Area Looks at Modular Homes to Aid Housing Crisis
>> Budget Ax Threatens Manufacturing Program That Puts America First
>> Introducing RESNET's New Quality Assurance Contractor Manager - Scott Doyle

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The 20th Annual Congressional Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency EXPO and Policy Forum is quickly approaching, and there is still time to register your clean energy organization to showcase on Capitol Hill on July 11th!

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SPFA News and Announcements
The SPFA Board of Directors held their quarterly meeting on May 2, 2017 The Board benefited from great and appropriately-diverse representation from the membership comprised of insulation and roofing contractors, along with manufacturers and industry experts. Focusing upon high level issues affecting the SPF industry the following are summary points of discussion and action taken:

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A task group within the SPFA Roofing Committee has completed the development of a new SPFA TechDoc for installation of SPF Roofing with roof-mounted photovoltaic (PV) systems. This new document provides an introduction to PV technology, design considerations, service and maintenance, warranty questions, applicable codes and standards and an overview of mounting options. The self-flashing properties of SPF roofing systems, along with superior energy savings, make SPF an excellent choice as a roofing system for any type of roof-mounted PC system. Free copies of this new TechDoc are available here. For questions or comments about this document, please contact Rick Duncan, SPFA Technical Director at rickduncan@sprayfoam.org or call 703-222-4269.

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SPFA-127 SPF Roof Systems Maintenance Manual has been updated by a Roofing Committee task group. The reorganized document contains improved photos and updated guidance to help customers and contractors get the most out of their SPF roof system. SPF roofing contractors are encouraged to share this with their customers. Many thanks to the task group for working diligently over the past year to deliver this important update. The group was led by Robb Smith and included the following volunteers: Bruce Schenke, Roger Morrison, Jason Hoerter, Chris West, Jack Moore and Jim Andersen.  
For more information, contact Rick Duncan SPFA Technical Director rickduncan@sprayfoam.org or Bruce Schenke, SPFA Roofing Committee Chair bschenke@accellapolyurethane.com.
Foam Supplies, Inc.
SPFA Membership
>> Welcome New SPFA Members
>>2016-17 SPFA Membership Directory and Buyers' Guide
>>Interested in Becoming Part of the Team?
>>SPFA Member Benefits

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SPFA 2017 Membership Renewal Invoices have been sent. Members can renew their membership online in the member only section of sprayfoam.org or by clicking the link below. Any questions can be directed to Mickey Riesenberg at michele@sprayfoam.org.

Your membership does so much to help the industry by supporting important initiatives like:
*A growing tech services focus in SPFA
*Research and development that drives the industry forward and opens new doors for you and your company
*Increasing industry awareness and acceptance through more advanced marketing efforts
*Building the infrastructure to support the national Professional Certification Program (PCP) and the recognition our certified professionals have earned
*Developing the solid national network of SPF professionals necessary to drive future growth in the industry

If you're in SPF, you're in SPFA! Join now or renew to discover the opportunities awaiting you as a team-member in this high-performance industry.

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Katherine has had two decades of project management experience within both her career and volunteer experience. During the time that she served as the Technical Recruiter III, Trainer III, for one of the leading United States Naval contractors (in support of the AEGIS, Theater Ballistic Missile, COTS Technology, Finance, NAVSea and NAVAir programs) where she lead the company's efforts at the multi-day A.F.C.E.A. (Armed Forces Communications Electronics Association) exposition and job fair. Due to the fact that she found individuals who could hit the ground running in top performance without a ramp-up period, her company received the first 100 percent Award Fee ever granted by the United States Navy six months after she began, and they were given 100 percent Award Fees every six months until her departure.  

Katherine also used her project management skills when she was the Administrative Assistant II in support of the President, five Vice Presidents, and twelve Directors. Within the company there had only been a part time Presidential Secretary and a Receptionist working with Katherine for the administrative support. On the volunteer side Katherine has had 20 years volunteering with her local volunteer fire department (including being the Fire Prevention Officer for five years) and six years within Toastmasters International (going up to a record breaking Division Governor year). She has earned many awards for membership; marketing; leadership and being the member of the year. The reason for her success is that she has three mantras that she always follows: always strive for excellence, good old fashioned customer service, and service oriented leadership.

You can reach Katherine at kransom@sprayfoam.org or (703) 222-4268. 

Naylor Association Solutions
Federal/State Government News
Volume XXV, No. 16 - June 5, 2017
The State Net Capitol Journal contains timely and pertinent information for almost every business owner in every state. Some of the features in this issue include:
-- States Pushing Ahead With Private Sector Pension Plans
-- States Not Sweating Federal Tax Reform This Year

Visit http://www.lexisnexis.com/communities/state-net/b/capitol-journal/default.aspx to view the full article online.

U.S. Government Affairs
> ASHRAE Responds to U.S. Paris Accord Announcement
> ASHRAE Participates in National High-Performance Building Week (June 5-9)
> U.S. House of Representatives Committee Approves "Energy Savings Through Public-Private Partnerships Act of 2017"
> U.S. DOE Taking Public Comment on Regulation Reform
> U.S. DOE Gives Final Notice on Three New Regulations
GGAC Regional and Chapter Activities
> State Legislative Activity

Visit https://www.ashrae.org/government-affairs/government-affairs-updates to view the full article online.

Polyurethane Machinery Corporation (PMC)
SPFA Training & Certification
The committees comprising the SPFA PCP are working to continually improve the certification program. Just an hour before this print deadline, the Quality Assurance Program (QAP) Committee unanimously approved the recommendations of the Certification Scheme Committee (CSC), which would streamline the certification process and removing redundancy of requirements.

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The PCP Forms have always been available in the Certification Handbooks and in Zip Files linked from the certification pages, but in our quest to continually improve the SPFA PCP, we now have the forms listed, in numerical order, with a quick link readily available on the Certification Homepage. Simply click bellow, scroll down and you’ll see the list. If you have any questions, please contact Kelly Marcavage – kmarcavage@sprayfoam.org

Visit http://www.sprayfoam.org/certification to view the full article online.

The SPFA PCP is progressing with the translation of PCP material. Currently the PCP Forms are being updated into a bi-lingual format. Please click here to see a sample document. Our goal is to keep the forms bi-lingual since they layout of the forms is conducive to this format.

The SPFA PCP Certification Agreement will be translated into Spanish and will come in two formats – English and Spanish.

These new documents will be available on our website in the next few weeks and the new bi-lingual forms will be used in the Certification Handbooks.

The Roofing Installer Study Guide is the next project set for translation into Spanish. As the PCP Training Committee updates each section of the Study Guide, the translation will begin on that section. Once the Roofing Installer Study Guide is completely translated, the Insulation Installer Study Guide will follow.

If you have any questions please contact Kelly Marcavage, Certification Director at kmarcavage@sprayfoam.org

Visit http://www.naylornetwork.com/spf-nwl/pdf/Contractor_Company_Accreditation_Form.pdf to view the full article online.

The PCP Training Committee will be reviewing the SPFA PCP Study Guides. Working Groups will be formed for each Study Guide and your expertise would be greatly appreciated. If you are interested in assisting on this project, please email Kelly Marcavage, SPFA Certification Director, at kmarcavage@sprayfoam.org.
We are looking at data showing that many folks have successfully completed some of the requirements needed to become SPFA PCP Certified; however, they haven’t submitted all the information needed to earn the distinguished SPFA PCP Certification.

A Working Group is being formed to reach out to those who have begun, but not yet completed certification levels. We’d like to hear from you on what is stopping you from completing the requirements. This same group will also work on retaining and renewing those who are already certified and helping them get to the next level!

We look forward to hearing from you. Please direct comments, concerns and questions to Kelly Marcavage at kmarcavage@sprayfoam.org

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In 2012, OSHA began a program to align the old Hazard Communications Standard (HCS) with the new Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). https://www.osha.gov/dsg/hazcom/ This new system to be implemented over the next several years, includes updated methods to communicate hazards on product labels and safety data sheets using an international standard.

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Akurate Dynamics
Health & Safety
SPFA Member News & Services
Lapolla Industries, Inc. (OTCQX: LPAD), a global supplier and manufacturer of high performance, energy efficient building products, today introduced its all-new FOAM-LOK 400 Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation.

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Honeywell announced that Eric Gladson of Integrity Plus Insulation in Ogema, Wisconsin, is the Grand Prize winner of the "Hit a Foam Run" promotion. Gladson wins an all-expenses paid trip for two to the Professional Baseball Game of Stars in Miami, July 2017 ($7,000 estimated value).

Visit http://www.naylornetwork.com/spf-nwl/pdf/Honeywell_ANNOUNCES_GRAND_PRIZE_WINNER_of.pdf to view the full article online.

Firestone Building Products Company, LLC (Firestone) today announced its acquisition of Gaco Western (Gaco), a leader in innovative silicone roofing systems and provider of top-tier waterproofing and spray foam insulation.

Visit http://www.naylornetwork.com/spf-nwl/pdf/FIRESTONE-BUILDING-PRODUCTS-ACQUIRES-GACO-WESTERN-Press-Release-03.30.17.pdf to view the full article online.

Accella Polyurethane Systems LLC ("Accella") has completed the purchase of certain assets of the North American spray polyurethane foam (SPF) business located in Spring, TX, from Covestro LLC.

Visit http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/accella-completes-purchase-of-spray-polyurethane-foam-business-from-covestro-300434010.html to view the full article online.

Tenex Capital Management is pleased to announce it has completed an investment transaction in SES Foam LLC of Houston, TX, effective on September 9, 2016.

Visit https://www.pehub.com/2016/09/tenex-invests-in-ses-foam/# to view the full article online.

SPF-Related Codes & Standards
ASTM International has, under the leadership of SPFA’s Dr. Duncan, SPFA members and SPF industry professionals, announced the completion and approval of a new standard entitled Standard Practice for Installation of High-Pressure Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation for the Building Enclosure. This practice covers the installation of high-pressure spray polyurethane foam (SPF) as an insulation for building enclosure assemblies including: walls, ceilings, attics, floors and crawl spaces. This practice does not apply to SPF used strictly as a component for an air barrier system or for SPF used in roofing applications. The Standard can be purchased by ASTM here. If you have any questions please direct them to Dr. Duncan.
See what's in store, as far as industry events, expos, training classes, online courses, certification programs and more.

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Business Trends
>> School’s Out for Summer...But Not Your Small Business
>> 6 Unwritten Rules Related To Business Etiquette
>> How to Grow Your Business with Referral Groups

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